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Internet access via Solaris8

Hi, all
I dialup internet with solairs8(IP:, I have another two PCs(winXP and 98, IP:, ) connected to my home network, i am just wondering how I can access internet from XP or 98 through Solaris8, could anyone give me a step-by-step intruction, I do appreciate any suggestion a lot.

2 Solutions

I have no step-by-step instructions. First of all you would need an ethernet card in the Solaris machine which is also connected to the local LAN. Wich uses IP for example.

On Windows machines you need to set default gateway to

I strongly recommend you setup both a http caching proxy like squid on Solaris and a caching DNS like bind 9.

Squid and bind is easiest found by going here and searching for them:

Now comes the somewhat difficult part, installing NAT and router/firewall software, see link:

Note: caching http proxie and caching DNS is not needed, but caching DNS really helps. Cause then you can set DNS to on windows boxes, if you don't install that you need to set DNS on linux boxes to same as you get on dial-up on Solaris machine.

Happy surfing.

/Hans - Erik Skyttberg
If you want only to use a browser (both for http and ftp) squid should be enough. You can live without a DNS, just put the host names and IPs in /etc/hosts and in hosts on your windows systems. If want more than just using a browser (and some messaging programs, like icq), probably your best bet would be NAT (see heskyttberg's comment). Using squid is quite a straightforward option. Securing your solaris machine is a different thing though, since solaris by default is not the most secure thing you can think of. Anyway there is also a solaris firewall package (http://wwws.sun.com/software/securenet/lite/download.html). You can get a compiled version of squid at www.sunfreeware.com, please do not use the www.sun.com/blabla... page for this, as it is usually messed up (looks like it is a kind of partially outdated cache for www.sunfreeware.com). The squid home page is www.squid-cache.org.
this one runs on netbsd by default and quite mature, and has nat and transparent proxy features to run along with squid,
you will need a sendmail to enqueque mail and bind cache to avoid dialing in every time you click mouse on windows boxes

if this is at your home, then linux or any bsd might be a more suitable choice to serve just application you described (yes they run on most sun machines)

you may need to adjust too many settings in dialup scripts, and sunscreen is a good choice too ( look for NAT setup and around ppp documentation about hangup on idle)
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