Rogue Wave and MS visual C++

Trying to get a simple RWCString declaration to happen but when I link I get error like :

unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall RWCString::~RWCString(void)" (??1RWCString@@QAE@XZ)

I have included <rw/rwstring.h> and have directories set up and inlcude file set up to point to this calss but still get this.
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The problem is not with the include file etc.. The problem is when linking.

Did you include the proper .lib/.dll file?

bbooAuthor Commented:
I believe I have the correct path set up to get lib files. Do you know what .lib and .dll I would need so I can search around for them an verify the path
I have no clue, but if you have objdump program available or something similar you can probably search through the rw libraries until you find one that contains the functions.

The function as specified in the objdump is either with name mangling or with the name demangled. If demangled you see it like RWCString::~RWCString() or something like that, if mangled you will see the name the way the linker see the name, which is most likely the name in parenthesis above:


In some form or another.

Use objdump and search for that string and you should find the .lib file where it is. Also, you should probably take a look at the header file for the definition. If the function is defined inline it is possible it won't be in the library in this case it is the compiler that didn't include the inline function properly into your static code.


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Are you using the 12 & 15 releases of Rogue Wave?  It will be something like std12s.lib, std12d.lib, std15s.lib or std15d.lib.  D are the debug versions.  You may also need tls12s.lib and thr12s.lib, depending on what you are doing.  If all else fails, make it multithreaded too.
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