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LOW 3dmark score

My system stats-
Mobo - a7kt2
ram- 512 SDRAM133
graphic card geforce 2 mx 400 64 mb
running at 200 core and mem 166
CPu athlon XP 2000+
3dmark score is 1578... Why so low?I looked at others with my same stats and they have like 2500.... Why is mine so low? shouldi overclock my graphic card t 210 core AND 173 MEM or something?

I need help.

4 Solutions
1. Bear in mind that nearly all the top 50 scores in each category at MadOnion are from overclocked machines running near the top edge of their performance envelope.

2. A new motherboard and DDR ram would help you a lot.

3. Any gfx card above a GF2 MX would be a LOT better.

There are so many variables involved in getting decent 3D performance they are hardly suited to here but heres a few to start with:

Check BIOS settings: http://www.rojakpot.com/ (Go to BIOS guide)
Disable the title screens in 3dmark options.
Clean boot and shut down all unnnecessary background processes before running the test.

I think you'll find that most machines are using ddr ram so when comparing like processors and video cards, the faster memory is driving the higher results. That said a 2000mhz sdram machine is comparable to a 1700 ddr machine, based upon my own benchmarking.
Have you checked the latest drivers for your nvidia card, and the latest via 4in1 drivers for you motherboard - set agp to turbo
There are many tweak options for getting a higher score in 3dmark - running on a fresh install of windows can improve the score considerably for instance which doesn't necessairly reflect a real time benchmark
your already overclocking the geforce card, so keep going higher until you start getting artifacts and then back down a notch from that providing you have case cooling then shouldn't have a problem.. and of course then start overclocking your athlon - pushing the fsb up to say 140 from 133 is going to have a more noticable affect on the systems performance than tweaking the geforce i suspect.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
OC'ing a low-end graphics card isn't really going to do you any good (at least not enough that you'll even be able to tell most likely, except for the texture tearing and crashes you'll likely have trying to push the card to far).  Also, how many "tray" programs are you running (or other background programs)?  If you have MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, AOL AIM, etc and bunches of "utilities" and other garbage running in the background, you're really killing your performance.  Also, are you running 3Dmark 2001 or 2003?  2003 is much more intensive and the scores for even the top end configurations are like 5000 or so at best.

The main thing is...who cares what your 3DMark score is?  If your games are running fast enough, so what?  If not, then you need to upgrade your graphics.  The bottom line is that you need to get a different video card.  No amount of BIOS tweaks or FSB adjustments is going to improve your card to be even as good as a normal GeForce2.

     Lower 3DMark score can be attributed to how your benchmark is set up.  What was your display and CPU settings. I know I have done 3DMark2001SE testing at 1024 x 768 32 bit and got 3024 3DMarks then at 640 x 480 16 bit and squeezed out 3558 points.

My system has:
PIII 933
GeForce4 440MX (Bulk)
PCI 128 Sound Card
Samsung 52X CDROM
W2K Professional SP3
DirectX 9

I dont know if this is what is giving you the lower scores, but it may be worth delving into.

Happy Benchmarking

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