getting typical font size for applet

Yes, I need to get typical font sizes from the browser. a 12pt in a 600x800 looks different than a 768x1200 browser. Or if you know another way to get the same size based on the browser?

I guess a way through java script to pass in the smaller font object.

I need to display 3 different font sizes in my applet embedded in the browser

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>> a 12pt in a 600x800 looks different than a 768x1200 browser
yes, but the font is still 12pt in size.
do you want to know the font size or resolution?
Use the FontMetrics class to get details about rendering a font on a particular screen.
nick5454Author Commented:
I use the smaller small, x-small descriptions. Will the font metrics do this for me
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> I use the smaller small, x-small descriptions.

Sorry I'm not sure what you mean.

> Will the font metrics do this for me

The font metrics class will help you determine the size characters will be rendered at.
nick5454Author Commented:
smaller, x-smaller is html default sizes that are in relation to thew browser


I'm confused, are we talking about fonts in the applet, or the html?
As I said the font size is not related to resolution. you can get the browser base fontsize by using this javascript:

<script language="JavaScript">
function getDefaultFontSize() {
  var getElement = document.getElementsByTagName("html");
  var ele = getElement[0];
  if (document.defaultView) {    
    var currentFontSize = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(ele, null).getPropertyValue(fontSize);  
  else if (ele.currentStyle) {    
    var currentFontSize = ele.currentStyle.fontSize;
  var currFontSize = parseInt(currentFontSize, 10);

  return( currFontSize );
  <p>abcdef ABCDEF 12345</p>
  <p>default font size: <script> document.write( getDefaultFontSize() ); </script></p>

you can change the IE's text size setting and refresh this page to see what you get. this is what I get from IE6:
large: 16pt, larger: 14pt, default: 12pt, smaller: 10pt, smallest: 9pt.

here is how you can communicate between javascript and applet:

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