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Help with Hp Pavilion 6630 desktop PC

I got called to help work on a computer.

It was a backup pavilion 6630 desktop PC.


Never used, whoever had it had two of them one for backup and one for main use.

They had done a resent restore using the Hp restore disk that came with it.

The problem was when they would play solitaire that came with the computer, and it is running windows 98, the computer would shutdown into something that acted like standby, but the only way to get out of it was to hold down the power button for 5 sec.

Well, I looked on the hp site and saw nothing like this that I could see in faqs.

Then I downloaded the newest bios and updated that. I redid a restore with the restore disk, full format and restore.

Worked fine, I played 10 min for solitaire and then installed some other software, it ran for two hours.

So I went home, and then got a call, and soon as they played solitaire the computer shutdown into that powered down mode and locked up.

this computer does not have any windows updates at all, since they do not have the internet yet

Now, do you think that it has something to do with hardware? Or do you think that is has something to do with the windows 98 OS, or solitaire?

2 Solutions
Yeah it sounds hardware related. My guess is that one or more of the fans aren't working properly. It could be the power supply fan but it sounds like the CPU fan or if the video card has it fan take a look at it.

The Crazy one
lundrogSr Cloud ArchitectAuthor Commented:
yeah i havn't opened up the case yet, i am going to take it home and see what it looks like
Also sometimes when a machine sits around like this one dust can work itself into the connection slots. Using a can of compressed air can help to clean out the slots and connections.
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lundrogSr Cloud ArchitectAuthor Commented:
ok, how about drivers?

do you think that video drivers or directx could be making problems?
Yeah it is possible but remember you used the Restore disk which installs the drivers and all neccassary items needed to run what is on the restore disk.
In addition.

1) Disable any power down options in the BIOS and in Control panel.

2) check the power supply.

3) Check the Monitor.

I hope this helps !
Just a thought that popped in my mind while I read this, HP crams all sorts of stuff in these boxes, I have had a couple of instances where the discrete cable for the CPU fan had been disconnected when clients had tried to mess with the CD Rom drives... fat fingers and dim work areas...

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