database coding (XML, CSV, TXT) - newbie needs help...

hi experts,

i am right into coding a program, which i need to store some data in a database. since its only a little amount i dont want to use the BDE. i already did some experiments with a component for comma-separatet-text database from torry as well as using tclientdataset and its xml features. the huge problem i have is, that both solutions only provide for a pretty flat style database (like a phonebook). the data i have is laid out in the following way, and i want to store it in a single file (XML? or INI?)

system (one string)
coordinateX,coordinateY (two integers)
faction (one string)
connectsto (one ore more strings (would be values from sytem^) !)

station (one string)
system (from system ^)
coordinateX,coordinateY (two integers, other then the ones in system)
belongs (one string)
connectsto (one or more strings from station^)

its pretty hard for me to figure out, because im just beginning db-programming. i need a real good solution for this. the whole db has to be stored in only one file and i dont want additional dll's or stuff to ship with the executable.

i hope i made myself clear enough to undestand ?
Much thanks in advance,

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If your data is that simple, you can probably stream out the XML to a text file yourself.
  <SYSTEM>one string
    <X-AXIS>one integer </X-AXIS>
    <Y-AXIS>one integer </Y-AXIS>
  <FACTION>one string

Another solution is Interbase, which is open source and/or Access which is not.  Also, the MSDE is an option.  What version of Delphi are you using?  Delphi 5 and higher supports ADO for sure, not sure about older versions.

I forgot to say that by using ADO you can completely bypass the BDE.

g_BonEAuthor Commented:
im using d6 pro. i just had a look into a few freeware dbf components. the problem is that i eventually need to add pictures to this database too. i will post a more accurate structure of the databas as i build it up, hope you guys can help ?!

Thanks for the first few comments ARW.

oh.. gonna look into ADO. are there additional files to the compiled exe if i use ADO ?
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g_BonEAuthor Commented:
okay, i got a first prototype layout ready. bad thing is, that it is not as easy as i thought first. hope you can help me ?

*first part:

system-name - string (42 entries)
coordX,coordY - both integer
faction - string (8 entries)
connects - one ore more of the system-name's
one picture (galaxy-map)

*second part (would have none or one or more sets):
 sub-level of system-name

station-count - integer (# of station-name's)
station-name - string (0-? entries)
coordX,ccordY - both integer
belongs - string (approx. 30 entries)
connects - one or more of the station-name's
pic - picture (system-map)
{trades - 0-? of the ships/weapons/other below

*third part (would have one or more sets):    everything in {} is optional
 sub level of station-name                    for now, but will be included.

ships -  string (approx. 30 entries, needs to have name,details, price, etc.)
weapons - string (approx. 80 entries, needs to have name,details, price, etc.)
other - string (approx. 100 entries, needs to have name,details, price, etc.)}

system-name -> station-name's->trades

the coordx,coordy are there to draw a point at the canvas of a timage (???)
connects would be used to draw lines between systems and stations.
I am not sure I understand teh hierarchy of your data.  When you say first part, is that the first data packet?

Are there master/detail relationships in each part?


each system entry has an x and a y entry?


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g_BonEAuthor Commented:
uhm... i went on and have it working pretty well now using a tdbf data set. since im pretty new to db-coding i really had some hard days trying to nut this one out. thanks for the help anyway.
g_BonEAuthor Commented:
oh and... here ya go with the points ;)


If you are using ADO in Delphi 5.0 there is a patch you should get from Borland.  You have to apply the first service pack and then you can apply this mini-Ado patch.

Good Luck

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