VB and Visual Studio Installer

Hello Gurus,

I'm using the Visual Studio Installer 1.1 to distribute my VB 6.0 application.  The installer creates the package and installs my application just fine.  The problem is that when I delete the installer for my program, and then launch my program, my program still looks for the installer for some files.  For some reason my application still depends on some files in that installer.

I want my users to be able to get rid of the installer after they install my application.

Can you guys please help me with this?


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TomLaw1999Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just started using this myself and had a similar experience. I believe that this is an automatic repair that kicks in when files are deleted or changed.

I assume that you are distributing your program on CD.
Once installed you should be able to run the program without the CD but you will not be able to modify or delete any of the main files.

When setting up your installer you can change the properties for individual files. If the file is marked as critical it will be automatically rebuilt or repaired.
jorgebotAuthor Commented:

I fixed the problem.  I think it was just a glitch from the Visual Studio Installer.  I just created a new project from scratch, and that did the job.

I'm giving you the points anyway.  Thanks for the prompt response.

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