Office 97 install error

I am attempting to re-install office for a user who is experiencing problems with their office apps.  I believe office was installed from a CD drive originally but when it looks at the Drive (D:) it is now a hard drive.  This is normal and usually I can just pop the CD in or run the install over the network and it will allow to add/remove/repair the install.  

This isn't the case this time...  I run the alternate install from the network and never receive the prompt for add/remove/reinstall.  Instead I get the normal install process as if it didn't exist.  Near the end of the install, I get an error that terminates the install:

Title: "Setup parse Error In Initialize pass"
Error Text: "Object ID 8824: RegMso CAH: MsoHrRegisterAllEx call failed."

with a single okay button.  

After the install is terminated 'unsuccessfully', I can run MS Word, Excel, but not Access, which give this error when run: "There is no liscense for this application on this compuater" or something to that effect.  

Any ideas for resolving this besides re-format/re-image and reinstall?

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Can you try copying the install directory from the network (or a CD) onto the (now D) harddrive, so that you 'fool' the system?

AaronUWLAuthor Commented:
Tried that idea... It helped the Add/Remove programs find a install directory, but once the Setup runs it doesn't recognize that office is installed already and won't allow to remove or re-install etc...  Also, the "setup parse Error" still appears when trying to install a new installation of office.  I believe this is the biggest issue behind all of this...

Any other ideas?
When office installs, it creates a file named Off97Pro.STF (or similar). In my system it is in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Setup\Off97Pro.STF

Yours probably has been overwritten by now with your several attempts of installing and reinstalling.

I suggest you try overwriting this file from a backup or from a similarly configured computer.

Alternatively you can open the file with WordPad and see if you can figure out a setting that can be changed to solve your problem. (MAKE A BACKUP OF THE FILE FIRST!!!!)

Good luck!


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AaronUWLAuthor Commented:
This didn't exactly solve the problem, but it helped me try a few more posibilities.  Ended up just re-imaging the machine.
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