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Q: I am developing a website, and I've created a top portion of my webpage in Macromedia Fireworks 4.O, I've also created a Pop-up Menu on that top portion witing Fireworks 4.0. And I am using FrontPage to develop remaining of Website. When I export the png using Export Wizard, it exports perfectly. But when I use include page feature in FrontPage it displays Run-Time etc. erorrs, when I move cursor on the menu it displays erorrs. If run the exported .htm lonely it works very perfectly.

I must have to use include page feature of FrontPage to include this file exported by Fireworks.

Tell me the solution that I use it successfully in FrontPage.

I'll be thankful to all...

Waiting for reply...
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Are you trying to get it to work in FRONTPAGE? It won't. You'll need to check it in the BROWSER.

It may or may not work -- I suspect you'll have all kinds of problems, because you have a full HTML document. You're going to have a ton of duplicated tags, and those will probably conflict.

It's better to use the FIREWORKS file, rename that as .shtml or .asp, and include the other pieces in that.

Or break up the Fireworks HTML, and include multiple pieces.  

Yes you can do that.

Create a folder in your desktop
Create the popup menu in FireWorks
Then Insert Hotspots
Save as HTML to the folder that you created on the desktop
Go to frontpage
Import the folder and display the page

(I always create popup menus in Fireworks,  but don't save it as png.  You can save it as png just for your future editing,  when you want to run it in the browser or work on in in Frontpage by adding other things to the database,  you need to export the menu page as HTML)

As for .asp created in Dreamweaver it does not matter.  Just import it from FrontPage where you saved it.

AbdulSamiKhanAuthor Commented:
Dear All!

Unfortunately! You all haven't understood my actual problem... I am once again telling: I've successfull created, gave hotspots, slice etc. and exported the menu to the new folder, it is working correctly when we run it as an individual file. But when I use the FrontPage's include feature to include this pop-up menu at the top of Main Page it then gives errors.

Note: None of your methods worked.... (Sorry)
My Email address is:

Thanks n waiting again...!!!! (oh----ho)
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You WILL get errors. What you're doing WILL NOT WORK.

You're including an ENTIRE HTML file. With all the standard <HTML> <HEAD> <BODY> tags. Also, for the menu/mouseover to WORK, it requires a javascript be loaded when the page loads. It's not going to, because you've got TWO of them -- and the last one if the FP one, which WILL NOT have the required script loaded.

The browser is totally confused. You CAN make it work, but you're going to have to split it up and have more than one include, so that the tags are correct, the functions load correctly, and the pieces are where they need to be.

Did you try to use InlineFrame instead?  Make the inline frame as big as the contents of your page,  remove the borders.  It will host the page and will not display the scroll bar.

Another Suggestion.
Why don't you put the Menu in the page that you want to include and make it your main page.

I tried it.
I created a menu in FW, then exported it to FP then Included a page and the Menu is still working.

I told you that I have done it before.

I will list my steps here: Step by step, might be borrwing but also might be good.

In FireWorks

1- New
2- I added the word Contact
3- I added the word Services
4- Now I have the two main options of the menu
5- I highlighted Contact and right clicked it then selected Insert Slice (not hotspot)
6- Right clicked contact again and added a popup.

I did the same for Services

Now I have the menu ready
7- I selected File/Export
9- In the export dialog I gave a name to the file
10- Save type as HTML and Images
11- Slices: Export Slices
Then exported them to a folder on my desk top

1- File
2- Import/Folder and imported the folder
3- Opened the HTML page
You will see now the menu it is own table. Try to browse it to make sure that the menu is working.
4- Go back to normal mode
5- Click inside the menu table and then Table/Select Table
6- Cut
7- Go to Table/Insert Table
8- Insert 3 Rows, 1 column without borders
9- Go to the first row and paste the menu
10- view the page in Preview mode to make sure that the menu is working.
11- Go back to normal view
12- In the second row of the table under the menu click once
13- Include the page
14- Save it

It is working.  I tried it on my maching,  I can post it on the Internet on Saturday,  now our servers are being updraded.

Try the above steps (They do work) 100%


boring not borrwing

If you can give me your email.  I will send you the folder in zipped format witht he menu page ready to include another page.

Hi again,

Do not include the popup on the top of the page,  include the page under the popup.


If you include the menu on top of your page it will create a problem because it will be looking for the Java Menu.

It is easier to create the menu and include the page under the menu as I have posted above.

This is what I do all the time.

I have a template with the menu then include the pages underneath the menu.


Just a clarification.

Your Popup should now be on an HTML pag.  Open that page and Include the page under the Popup.

The popup need to be on it's own page.  What is the difference.  The result will be the same.

Best regards

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Did you like my answer?

First make the menu, then under the menu include the page.  It will work with no problem and will not create any trouble.  It will also give you the same result.

Hi Abdul,

What happened afterall.  Did you try it?

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