Can't write dword to registry correctly?

I need to write a key to the registry with a value of 4294967295, which is what Windows Media services recognizes as 'no limit'.  The thing is I can write dWord values less than 2,147,483,647, but values any higher get automatically converted to a string registry entry.

Here is my code:
RegistryKey regKey = Registry.LocalMachine.CreateSubKey(@"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\nsunicast\Parameters\Virtual Roots\/"+eId);
regKey.SetValue("MaxBandwidth", 4294967295); // if I change this to below the number above it will set as a dWord all day long.

Any examples, or ideas would be great.

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Alas, our fancy new c# is rather deficient in the formats values may be created with.

The only way around it is to call the various Reg* API routines directly, e.g.:

using Microsoft.Win32;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

namespace SysMonST

public class RegAPIWrapper
[DllImport("advapi32", EntryPoint="RegOpenKeyEx")]
public static extern int RegOpenKeyEx(uint hKey
                                      ,string lpSubKey
                                      ,int     ulOptions
                                      ,uint     samDesired
                                      ,IntPtr   phkResult);
[DllImport("advapi32", EntryPoint="RegCloseKey")]
public static extern bool RegCloseKey(int hKey);

[DllImport("advapi32", EntryPoint="RegQueryValueEx")]
public static extern bool RegQueryValueEx(IntPtr xkey
                                  ,string ValueName
                                  ,IntPtr  Reserved
                                  ,IntPtr  ValueType
                                  ,IntPtr  ValueBuf
                                  ,IntPtr  ValueBufSize);



int RegStatus;
IntPtr xkey;


begreeningAuthor Commented:
Sorry but I can't seem to find enough information to make this code work.  Where do I find values for REG_FULL_ACCESS
 and HKLM?

Anyone know of a link to a tutorial or working example code?
Sorry about that - those where constants defined elsewhere in the code I pulled the above snippet from:

uint         HKLM=0x80000002;
uint         REG_FULL_ACCESS=0x0002003F;
int          REG_SZ=1;

For definitions of the various constants used by the Reg* API routines, look in WINNT.H for KEY_ and REG_  (about 6800 lines down).

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