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laptop question

want to buy a used laptop for usage in word processing, email, web surfing only. wondering how much computer to buy and what to watch out for in buying a uesed laptop.

looked on ebay see several P2 and P3s 366 and 400 mhz ranging in price from 400 to 500.

1 Solution
1) Spare parts especially batteries. Make sure they are available.

2) Use a reputable dealer with a good history.

3) consider a local store before using ebay since you can see the laptop.

Some designs are more comfortable than others.

make sure that there are no screen defects and see if RAM is available to upgrade the laptop. That is the easiest way to get more speed out of them.

I hope this helps !
I suggest you look at tigerdirect.com

  They offer recertified laptops that are in your price range.  This is an excellent company with a solid reputation

here is a direct link to the recertified laptop section

When buying a used laptop more than 1 year old ASSUME that the battery is no good unless they specifically state that it's a NEW battery.

Factor the cost of buying a new battery into the cost unless you have no plans of using the laptop untethered.  Most LiIon type replacement batteries are in the US$100-US$250 range.  As noted already, BE SURE that replacement batteries are available.

Also, stay away from poorly supported brands like Sony, HP, Packard Bell, "noname" models, and "refurbs" done by anyone but the manufacturer.

I've had really good luck with used laptops from Dell, Toshiba, and IBM.  Dell sells a LOT of 1st rate lease returns on EBay under the "Dell Financial Services" user name.  They are good to deal with, you may even get a unit with original factory warranty remaining.



Note that SOME have Windows and others DO NOT.  If not, be sure to factor the cost of Windows into the cost of the unit...

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