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HP 930c printing shadowed letters with gsview

 I have a printer HP deskjet 930c, and recently it
print all the documents sent from GSView in "shadowed" style (all letters printed twice with shift)

This problem does not seem to exist when i send same documents from acrobat reader

Maybe its relateted to printer? or to installed font?
How i can fix it?
1 Solution
What happens if you use a different font from within GSView? If it is a True Type font it could be its parameters have been scrambled up - there can be separate metrics' files which determine how a font works. So the problem might be with the metrics rather than the font itself. Try using the same font in a word processor. If it doesn't work in that then it's the font that's at fault.

If the font is OK then GSView is loading something that scrambles it up.

Hope that helps
dmitry1Author Commented:
I tried several solutions including re-installing fonts, but
it does not seems like a font problem for me now -
In printing some images i can see exactly the same problem - lines and letters seem
shadowed, and although i am printing using high resulution small objects like signs or text in pictures becomes effectively unreadable
The problem not limited to gsview but also appears with ACDSee, Word and acrobat reader
Here's a tip;

The metal bar in the 930c which carries and guides the carriage could be misaligned. This problem has occured to me once before with an older version HP deskjet printer and is relatively easy to solve. You would have to take the cover off of the printer, and..well this part is the tricky bit.. but basically, the idea is to get the carriage and ink cartridges to be exactly the same height above the paper when it's to the left, as to the right. You can adjust the metal bar itself in height on either side [at least in the older version printer that was so] with a philips screw. If it's misaligned you indeed get the weird effect of 'shifting' and 'shadow letters'. It's because the cartridge head will swoop left, drop some ink from a certain height, and then swoop right, and drop ink on the same spot again to ensure it's nicely covered with ink. If the distance from the paper is too great, the motion from the cartridge and the ink itself as it exits the nozzles causes it to slightly deviate from the intended target location. If it only printed once on a target instead of twice [or more] then you wouldn't have even seen the 'problem'. If the distance to the paper is not sufficient however, it might drag slightly over the paper wiping out the ink over the paper as it goes.

This metal bar that holds the carriage could also use cleaning. I've found using some degreasing fluids to clean the bar thoroughly and then using silicone based oil works real nicely. Most HP deskjet printers tend to make noises or have minor printing problems just from a dry and dirty eh.. what is it called anyways? carriage bar? Whatever. I'm not a natively english speaking dude, so don't blame me ;)

Also note that the carriage 'leans' forwards, to the front of the printer, but is held straight by a metal strip behind and above the carriage bar. Make sure that is also correctly placed. And last... check if the paper is guided properly under the ink cartridges. For the same reason as before; the distance to the paper is crucial when you get shadowing characters.

Also, keep in mind that because colour and black cartridges that come out of the factory hardly ever have the printhead at EXACTLY the same spot, so you will have to do a cartridge alignment. Basically what it does is print out a page with patterns for you to see, where you can then select which patterns looked best and enter that in the pc. This will compensate some deviations in cartridge nozzle location; keep both cartridges aligned nicely. But this actually only really has effect when they are printing simultaneously. A cartridge misalignment COULD be your problem. IF you are printing text with both colour and black... but I doubt that. So check the carriagebar first. It takes some experimenting, I admit. [the only way to see your results is by printing a test page and if that is still bad you gotta adjust again, etc..]

Good luck.

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