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Lightning storms & modems

After a lightning storm, my Encore v.90 (Motorola chipset) Internal PCI Modem didn't work anymore.  When I turn on the PC, Windows doesn't start up, the screen remains completely black, but when I take off the modem, it starts up as usual.
Is there a way to repair it?  In case I have to buy a new one, what kind of modem should I buy and what type of protection against lightnings should I add to it in order to protect it?
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theses modems aren't worth repairing, I would remove it, purchase a new modem, and a decent surge protector that has RJ11 ports to keep as much stray voltage away from it as possible.
You can buy the same modem for less then $15 including shipping.
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oldgrey guy is correct....when a modem is fried from a storm or other electrical surge your best bet is to just replace it. 99.9% of the time the modem cannot be repaired.
Get an external modem. Much less hassle with drivers and resources conflicts and such. They also don't take your mobo with them when they die.

modem is probably fried, look for charred or fried components on the modem itself.

you can pretty much get whatever modem you want, just make sure you get a decent surge protector that has telephone line protection built into it. and of course, unplug your system (including telephone line) when there's storms or lightning in the area.

i have a customer who has fried a half-dozen modems within a two year span. he's since installed a zoom modem and an apc surge protector with telephone line protection, and it's been a over a year and he's still on the same modem. he swears by his zoom modem, and i've had zoom modems myself since '92 without any problems.

from zoom's website:

All Dualmode models include ZoomGuard™ lightning protection. ZoomGuard provides superior protection against lightning, the number one cause of modem failure. ZoomGuard is not only better than the “varistor” protection found on other modems, but ZoomGuard outperforms most stand-alone surge protectors.


pick a model and search for it at www.pricewatch.com or check your local computer stores.

looks like they're doing some site maint, it's down right now, but they are available just about everywhere computer products are sold.
nltech, I never know zoom modems had build it surge protection, but that would explain why mine has lasted 4 years so far.
cbastianAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for helping me.  Zoom modems seem to be very expensive to my devalued argentinean peso, but I believe that's the answer.


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