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Random- startups,shutdowns,vxd errors, freezeups?

Posted on 2003-03-03
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-26
Well I don't think i have ever had to ask for help so bare with me i find this alittle difficult.

I run a 1900xp amd
Gigabyte 7vtxh+ Motherboard
256ddr ram

well this is confusing me.
Pretty sure it isn't a virus flashed the bios and formatted simotaniously.

Randomly restarts, randomly startsup?
windows protection errors(every kind imaginable)
driver errors on start vxd 28! xxxxxxxxxx
although several other ones have appeared vxd 16
OD exceptions yada yada yada

random program crashing explorer, windows msg handler
pretty much everything possible

oh and when i run any games it freezes. Now it isn't the 3d card because on occasion i can run 3d rendering programs and they don't crash.

i ran a full check on the ram nothing came up.
when the computer RANDOMLY startsup it works?
if i start it up it doesn't startup.

now i am absolutely lost. My guess is the motherboard is fried but having a motherboard fried can it have so many different errors and problems and still run????

not the video card put it in my other comp worked fine.

oh and this started after my power supply blew. Upon replacing the power supply this began

any help is appreciated.


Question by:Frog22
LVL 16

Expert Comment

by:Kyle Schroeder
ID: 8060330
You could have suffered some mobo damage when the power supply went out...what wattage did you replace it with and brand?  Low quality PSUs can cause all sorts of bizarre problems.  Looks like you're running Win98/ME?

randomly startsup?  Do you mean the system will be powered off and spontaneously turn on?  Are you on cable modem/dsl?  Check your BIOS for "WOL" setting (Wake on LAN).

Have you tried reloading BIOS defaults ("Load Setup Defaults" in BIOS generally) or use CLR_CMOS jumper to reset them?  Set it from 1-2 to 2-3 briefly while powered off, then switch back to 1-2 and power up.

Have you checked your harddrive for corruption using the manufacturer's utility?  IBM, Maxtor, Seagate all have diag tools you can download from their sites.

Can you be a bit more specific on the VXD errors you get?

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Expert Comment

ID: 8060341
It sounds to me like the old power supply did not go quietly into the night.

You say the RAM checks out, but did you try installing different RAM?

Expert Comment

ID: 8060780
If you do have another machine to test with...
Try taking the harddrive over to the other machine and see if it boot there. If it does then thats the harddrive eliminated.

Then do the same with the CPU and RAM and anything else which could have been fried.

If you still can't find the problem then it looks like the motherboard has become a square frisby.
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Expert Comment

by:Kyle Schroeder
ID: 8060791
Also, what did you do to test the RAM?  The best software RAM checker is memtest86 from www.memtest86.com  Download version 3.0 and install it to a floppy disk (it will create the disk very quickly, but any information on the disk will no longer be available!).  Then start your PC with that disk in the floppy drive.


Expert Comment

ID: 8061132
   Did you replace your power supply with a similar wattage power suppy? Is the new power supply AMD approved?


Author Comment

ID: 8061361
i do have anouther system but it is much older and i don't know if it will support.

as for the random startup i did turn off Wake up on lan and unplugged the network and it still started up???(i didn't know this was possible)

reseted the bios several times as i said i flashed it.

i used memtest to test the ram nothing came up.

now the power supply could it cause all this??? i guess a lack of power to certain areas can cause devices to fail. Although it is same wattage it may not be compatiable that is the one thing i do have an extra of I will try the power supply.

also ran a burn in... Nothing came up? it didn't run it on the mother board though so i still think it is the mother board although if it was I figured it would show some consistancy?

I don't know much about Hardware so..... :(

oh and as for vxd errors.... pick one anyone i have wrote down about 25 different ones and there is atleast double that, that have showed up? This has got me confused thanks for all your help I am going to try replace the power supply


any more ideas are still appreciated

Expert Comment

ID: 8186938
I believe it is your memory.
First, try to reseat the memory to see if it works.

second, try each memory stick in the main memory slot one at a time

if that does not work, replace the memory.

That should take care of it.


Accepted Solution

Frog22 earned 300 total points
ID: 8186954
I fixed it thanks for all your help.

runnin the amd processor the heat sync got dirty
and the fan couldn't keep the processor cool
i ran a burn in to test the memory and an error came
up that the process exceeded 81 degrees.

so i cleaned out the heat sync and it works fine now


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