NT6.0 SP6 Backup Domain Server

I have an NT4.0 domain on an old PC.  I want to replace this piece of equipment with a new one.  The domain is physically located at a different site and the domain name is GREEN.  I would like to do the setup of the new machine at my site.  However, I don't have the same domain name at my location.  For sake of example, my domain name here is RED.

Here's my question.  Can I set up the new PC as a backup domain controller for RED.  Then, transport the machine to the new location and change it to the GREEN domain as a backup domain controller?  Or, do I have to do the entire setup at the GREEN location?

Thanks for your help.

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heskyttbergConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If your sites are connected you can set it up at your site.

But you need to set it up as a BDC to GREEN.
Only thing transferd over the network will be account database.

When this is done, take server over to green site connect it and transfer any data or user dirs from the current server onto the new one so the copy is done on a local LAN.

Then promote the new machine to PDC.
Now you can remove the old one.

If you set it up as a BDC to RED domain you will get that account database and you cannot change domain name on an installed domain server in NT.

/Hans - Erik Skyttberg
ggs54Author Commented:
Thanks for your help.
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