I switched from a PC to a G4 how do I access my files on my 2GB JAZ external scsi drive?

The iGB disks say they can be reformated to Macintosh, How do I do this?
I dowloaded two things from the Iomega web site. Iomegaware for Macintosh and the drivers for the model JAZ drive I have.
I also went into classic OS 9 mode and added hardware drivers for two adaptec SCSI cards
I cant see the drive anywhere. It doesnt mount to the desktop and I cant see it from any OS X application.
I am using OS X version 10.2.4

I am most interested in getting images off of the JAZ disks rather than Windows types of documents.
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Adding SCSI card drivers under OS 9 isnt going to have any effect under OS X. You'd need the OS X adaptec scsi drivers. Download them, and install them. http://versiontracker.com/mp/new_search.m?productDB=mac&mode=Quick&OS_Filter=MacOSX&search=adaptec&x=0&y=0

Once the drivers are installed and youve got the drive connected, terminated, and at the appropriate SCSI address, insert the Jaz disk. It should appear either on your desktop or in your "Computer" window depening on your settings. You dont need to reformat Jaz disks for Mac since Macs can read and write to PC disks unless theyre formatted NTFS.
sailrsandyAuthor Commented:
first thanks for your answer
I have been doing research all day and found that the pc card slot on my G4 will only work with the newest slim card 1480 (which is the driver at the version tracker page you pointed me to) not the 1460B whcih I have.I can only think of three choices:  I have to either buy a new scsi 1480 card or find someone with a PC who can get my files off the 1GB disks I have and burn them on CD's  for me.  Or not use those files which is not an option.
Any machine with supported SCSI can read that drive. Mac or PC.
sailrsandyAuthor Commented:
Thanks weed. Ill take it into the Apple store near me and have them do a data transfer to CD. I dont know anyone else with a MAC. I just retired after 23 years in the technology area and everyone I knows is a traditional PC user.
I appreciate your help. I have another question regarding getting my Sony CLIE wireless card to work with my Airport Extreme base station. I will post that later today of tommorw if I can get more points. I would appreciate your help with that one as well.
Yesterday I was getting an error message evertime I tried the link for more points.
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