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I need a good, solid , tutorial for C/C++ for a rock bottom beginer. All the other tutorails I've used expect me to already know other programming languages. so any help would be nice.
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you shouldn't start learning programming with C or any of its offsprings. A lot of people still suffer from having done this :D

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I found that if I tried to find an Object Oriented C++ tutorial, that's what helped me the most. Just search on the web for one, i'm sure you'll find quite a few.
Winston's _On to C++_ (and, to a lesser extent, _On to Java_) is a pretty good book with little assumed knowledge. I have tried using it in intro programming courses with a little success (our CS1 is now taught in Java so it doesn't really help).

If you are a complete beginner and are open to trying an off-the-main-road language, Squeak ( is actually quite fun and very easy for beginners to learn (or so the research says; I wasn't a beginner when I learned it). There are a lot of little games out there that you can modify and it has interfaces for joysticks and mice right in the language (okay, right in the main library image). I am sure I just started a religious war by advocating for a programming language but think about giving it a try.

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This is a good beginners tutorial.

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your better off buying a book, much easier to pick up and follow, deitel do a *very* good serious of books aimed at students and complete beginners. Used by many colleges/uni's as part of the course material:

I can recomend this book from personal experience:

C++ How to Program (3rd Edition)
I think Pascal is the most suitable academic language to begin with....
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