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Hey Guys,

I have a d-link wireless router and laptop smart card and i am trying to set them up, but am having a few problems

The deal is that my main machine has a adsl modem connected to it, and i am trying to connect the wireless router to the main computer also so i can use the internet on the laptop, via the wireless connection.  

One drama is that the modem i have has to be connected to the PC and will not connect if i plug it into the router.

But if i have sperate connections, as in router and adsl modem, then there is a clash with ip addresses.  One of them has the (or what ever it is) and the other one needs it to share the internet connection.....but i can ot free it.

I have installed the connection fine, and the wirless network works great, but i can not gain internet access on the lap top

Any Sugestions?

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smallbeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well... probably u have not setup correctly in the router...

depends on what kind of DSL provider u r using... and some providers use PPPoP like Verizon. Some provider might require u to enter the MAC address of the modem in the router setting. you have to type in all your login information in order to use the router as a gateway. you can choose to or not to enable DHCP

If you choose to use DHCP on the router(which most ppl use it), simply plug in the wireless NIC and bingo.

If you want to set the ip manually, here it is .

change the TCP/IP setting

1) ip -- u can set a ip if you want to say: 192.168.x.1
2) subnet ---
3) gateway --- 192.168.x.x (depends on the what is the ip of your router)

Good Luck
first the router should be able to use the modem, and connect you. You of course have to configure it, with your ISP assigned username and password, and you have to choose PPPoE as the connection type (usually dynamic assigned ip)
what make of dlink? my Dad has a 614+
the default ip for the dlink is
set the NIC for the machine to auto obtain ip info (reboot if needed)
and then in your browser type
this will take you to the logon page of the router, configure it correctly. For now leave the default wireless configuration (channel 6, no WEP, etc)
then try and get the router to log on to your isp. Once that is done, your machines will be able to surf
Now you can of course connect the modem to a mahcine, use ICS and use the router as a hub, but you will have to change the default ip of the router. to do this, do not connect the router to the machine with the modem, connect to it with the other machine, (browser,
find where to change the default ip, change it to then connect it to your machine with the modem, and you will not have the conflict
you shuold read the manual (it is on the cd, in the manuals directory) or download it from www.dlink.com
it will walk you thru hooking it all up
mofoworkingAuthor Commented:
it ended up being a problem with the card
and once i got a new one
this worked great


good to hear u fixed the problem
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