Step by Step procedure how to recompile sendmail and install the new binary

Hi I read from that there is security problem and I need to patch my current sendmail. After patching I need to recompile sendmail and install the new binary.

1. My question how do I recompile sendmail and install the new binary if I installed my sendmail using RPM.

1. How do I recompile sendmail and install the new binary
if I installed my sendmail using .tar.gz

Thank You
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Red Hat have just announced new binary RPMs for Sendmail which address this vulnerability.

These are for RedHat 6.2 through to 8.0. Here is a link with the details, though you need to login to Red Hat Network to access it:

Alternatively you can download the update RPMs from*.rpm (or pick your own mirror site, distro release etc).

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hi laynuks,

Some good docs from Jim (jlevie),
The neat way:

Some not-so-neat-way :)

-- modified to remove the unrelated stuff.
1. get the sendmail source.  You can download one from or it should be available on RH SRPMS CD.

At this stage you need to get install the sendmail source tree somewhere.  Unfortunately, I'm not very good with rpm, so what I did is;

2. do a "rpm --recompile sendmail-8.11.6-15.rpm"
and during the compilation proces, press ctrl-C to interrupt the process.  If you let the process continue, the whole sendmail source tree would be removed.  So be quick.

3. go to /usr/src/redhat/SPECS and copy the file sendmail.spec to your working directory (let say /tmp)

4 edit the file sendmail.spec and comment out (buy placing #, wherever you see "rm -rf {$BUILDROOT}" line.

5 go back to your working directory (/tmp), and do
 rpm -bp sendmil.spec

This would do any necessary patching to the sendmail.

6 go to parent directory - /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/sendmail-8.11.6

and issue a make,

if everything runs, do a "make install"
i hope this helps.
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