Memory problem

I own an hp pavilion xt919 that runs memory at 100mhz (PC-100).  However the memory that came with it is PC-133.  It's details are:

MT8LSDT1664AG-133EI   PC133U-333-542-A
128mb, SYNCH, 133MHz, CL3

I tried instaling some PC-133 RAM just for consistency but none were backwards compatible and thus didnt work.  So I bought the following PNY memory:
256MB SDRAM 32x64(I beleive):  256s100 DIMM, PC100/66 UPC code: 751492196152.

The computer registers the memory so that I have a total of 384MB showing in my system information and also my BIOS, HOWEVER when I tried to sign onto AOL I got a Blue screen error stating that I have to restart my computer if it is the first time I received this message and mentioned that something was unstable and the error message was to prevent damage.  

A few hours later while I was on AOL a message box popped up saying to close one or more programs to free up 1mb of space. Then a fatal AOL error occured and closed AOL.  Why is this memory causing this problem?  Should I return it and try another brand or is there a setting in the "cache" I can adjust?
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I would try and take out the new memory and start the system with only the old memory and see if it works stable.. sign on AOL, etc.etc. then I would take that one out and put in the new memory in the same slot the old one was in, start your system and see if it runs stable.  If it does I would try to install the other old memory in a different bank than before some MOBO's require diffent banks if more than 1 DIMM is used or sometimes biggest to smallest or the oppisite.  If the system still has problems then return your memory.  I would also check the HP website and wherever you bought your computer to see if they have the exact memory specs you need to buy or the ability to upgrade it for you.  Also you might want to check your BIOS and make sure it is up to date and your memory settings are automatic, if not you will have to put the correct values in manually(if you know what you are doing you might want to do that anyway to ensure that you get the best performance out of your memory).  Also PNY is a good manufactuer but there are better brands of memory out there.
Usually, PC133 memory clocks back to 100MHz if there are other PC100 modules in the system.  That's what happened to my old computer.  It came with 128MB of PC100, but I bought 2 128MB PC133 sticks, and they just clocked back to 100. It was CompUSA brand memory that was free after rebate, and it ran fine.

Are you low on disk space?  It might be that you're running low on swap file space... maybe that's the case, I'm not sure - but if it is, then free up a good amount of hard drive space and try it again.
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howlandAuthor Commented:
I'm running good on disk space (14GB free out of 40GB).  I will try swaping banks and see if that makes a difference.  Also, I would imagine that the system is stable when only the old memory is in because I never had such problems before.  Also, I will try running the new memory by itself if swaping them doesn't work.  Thanks alot lowREG and JerME, I'll get back to you later today or tomorrow on my progress.  Chances are I'll still need your help so please check back.  Thanks guys.
Well you system is using Intel's i810 chipset. Your MAX memory is 512MB (2 slots only). With the Celeron CPU in your system, PC100 or PC133 is fine to use.  I have used both on this chipset many times.  If your BIOS is recognizing the memory, then you should not need an update.
But here it is just in case:

If you have tried booting into safe mode, and been able to move aroung in Windows with out problems.  It is more than likely going to be windows or a driver problem. What version of Windows are you running?? WinME? Win XP?
If WinME or Win98, you might try updating the chipset drivers from Intel's website.  But, if AOL is the only problem with the new memory installed. You might try reinstalling AOL with the new memory in the system.

Hope this helps!
howlandAuthor Commented:
I am using WinXP. I beleive AOL is the only problem.  The first error message I received was a blue screen error which was triggered by Windows, although I was tyring to sign onto AOL at that exact time.  However, the other 2 errors I received where actual AOL popup errors, so I'm pretty sure that it is only AOL causing this.  It seems like when I do alot of commands in AOL (looking up websites while talking to people) the memory is just drained, forcing AOL to shutdown, but only AOL, no other programs.  I will try unistalling AOL and reinstalling it with the new memory in.  Has anyone else heard of such a problem being caused by that?
I'm also running Win XP.

This weekend I added 512MB DDR to my 256MB. Windows logged on automatically (I'm using Tweak XP) but very slowly. Finally it crashed up, only showing the background of my desktop.
I took out the new RAM but still, it wouldn't start up!!!!
I tried everything, put the only thing I could get to work, was "Task Manager". That was the only way I could start programs and copy files. I had to use Netscape for browsing (Internet Explorer didn't work).
Luckily I was able to make backup of my most important files.

Then a friend told me this:
"One of the ways Microsoft try to copyprotect Windows XP, is making the system crash if major changes are made to it."

Now I just want to KILL Bill Gates!!!!!!
I almost spend a whole weekend on re-installing and setting up the system.
And I'm not the only one who has experienced that. I still hear more people saying that they had to re-install Windows XP after putting in new RAM etc.

It sounds like your system is still functioning, but only with the old RAM.
To that I say: LUCKY YOU!!!

At least you don't have to end up with the same problem.
First time I tried to re-install Windows XP, the screen just turned black when booting. I couldn't use my computer in anyway. Finally I succeeded to format my harddrive :-(
howlandAuthor Commented:
I unistalled and reinstalled AOL and am yet to receive any more errors, but I'm not sure if the problem is resolved or not.  Does anyone know of a way to check and see if any of my memory is being drained?

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