netcat and WOL NIC , want to send poweron

I have a WOL enabled motherboard and WOL enabled NIC, (Intel 82559 based )

I have the netcat program, running on linux server, and the WOL nic installed on another machine of course these two are networked.

My question is:

What kind of data should I send from the linux server to the WOL NIC so that it powers up the machine.

netcat is a nice tool because it can be called from shell scripts, but if netcat is not able to send such a datagram, another linux tool will be welcomed :)

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mbarbosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have a look at I guess that's what you are looking for :)
egarciatAuthor Commented:
Cool!.. let me see if it really works... if so, I will accept the answer tvm..

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