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Computer will not shut down

When I go through normal shutdown steps, computer appears to go into the hibernate mode but never shuts down.  On/Off switch will not even shut it down; must unplug power every time.  This just started and do not know of anything I did to cause it.  Using WinME..  Any suggestions??  Thanks!!
1 Solution
Not a solution but a fix. On many newer m/b's they will switch off if you hold the on/off switch in for a few seconds (between 4 & 7 seconds depending on m/b) and then let it go.
Depending on the age of the PC and if it's an ATX power supply, some of them tend to have a four second delay set in BIOS for power off with the switch.  Holding it in for this long should cure the "power off at the mains" problem.

As regards to the hibernate problem, how do you normally shut down? Click start then shut down, or by pressing the power button on the PC?  I've had this previously on a laptop, and apart from reinstalling the OS, the only other work around is by disabling hibernate function:
1) Goto the control panel
2) Go into the power saving settings
3) Across the top will be a tab for hibernate
4) Disable hibernate function

Hope this answers your question.

If anyone else knows of another solution for this problem on ME, please post as I know a few peeps who've struggled with this.

JDHRCHAuthor Commented:
Computer is about 2-3 yrs old..  Before this started I did not use power button at all to shut down; only to turn on. Don't know if that helps explain problem or not.
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When a PC fails to shutdown, it could be caused by a program, service, or peripheral vxd failing to shutdown. I had a computer with shut down problem and  it turned out to be the sound card (it was an old AWE-64). Replaced the sound card and shutdown problem disappeared.

Try removing peripherals one at a time and see if system shuts down properly. Also, have you aded any new programs, lately?
Try disabling advanced power management in the BIOS - this can sometimes interfere with windows APM.
I have had a few Win98 computers in my company which would not shut down properly.  I applied the Microsoft Mapped Drives shutdown tool and things appear to shutdown properly now.  I acquired the tool by using the Windows Update under the Tools menu in Internet Explorer.
JDHRCHAuthor Commented:
It was a bad program that I had recently installed but it was one of several and I could not determine which one so I just reloaded winME and everything ok......THANKS!!!!

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