glibc pam trouble: please help!!!!!


i recently started using Mandrake 9 on my machine. I'm fairly new to Linux -- and I'm in big trouble now! I wanted to install xscreensaver, it needed pam-devel >=0.75. So I got the pam-devel 0.75-30mdk and pam 0.75-30mdk rpms for i586 and used KPackage to install them -- but I unchecked the No dependencies checkbox by mistake and it installed the packages. Now I cant 'su' to root, or do any other login. I get this error if I type 'su' at the command line:

su: /lib/i686/ version `GLIBC_2.3' not found (required by /lib/

Is there anything I can do to save my installation?
Please help and reply soon -- I cant log off or shut down until I fix this, or I wont be able to log in again !!
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The pam*rpm install the libpam library, which does about every identification on linux.
1) Are you still logged as root on some terminal? In that case get your CD, mount it and from the command line do 'rpm -i --force  pam-0.75-25mdk.i586.rpm'. The file should be somewhere in the 'Mandrake/RPMS' or 'i586/Mandrake/RPMS'.
2) If not, you lost total access to your root account, hence you will have to reboot and use some rescue mode.

Now what you want to do in rescue mode, is
1) mount your harddrive partitions under /mnt
2) copy from the cdrom the original pam-0.75-25mdk.i586.rpm file into /mnt/root.
3) "cd /mnt" and "chroot /mnt" (basically tells linux you want / to be /mnt)
4) "cd /root" and  'rpm -i --force  pam-0.75-25mdk.i586.rpm' (install by force if necessary the old pam)

From what I gathered, to get in recues mode, first you have to boot with Mandrake first CD. (From 8.2 Docs) Press F1 to get more advanced options, type "rescue", choose "mount your partitions under /mnt". I think you should get now a command prompt. And go to step 2. Trouble is I never used Mandrake (crashed slackware/SuSE/RH and probably Debian though), so with a little luck, the rescue might easier than this. Don't hesitate to ask for more details.

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venkatr_nAuthor Commented:
That worked! Thank you!!
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