mapping email to a script


ok, i run a site that is hosted by a company. i need to have an email alias be sent to a script in my cgi-bin, well needless to say, i am getting no help from my host, all they are saying is that i need to find someone to map it for me, or they will do it for $60 an hour, even though i already pay them over $100 per month for my sites now. well, anyway what i have is this: currently all my emails are dropping into a catch-all box via email forwarding (which i have control over through the sites menu) but forwarding will not let me forward an address to a path. now i do have an .mail_aliases file above my public_html and in it i placed this:
test: "|/path/to/my/"

but it still is not sending to my path.

do i need to have the server restarted after making these alterations?
if so, is there a way to just restart my part locally?
im i doing something wrong in there?
do i need to maybe setup a seperate email box for each email?
or maybe do i need to forward that email to a different place so that i can alias it to the script?

please, any help will be greatly appreciated...

Thank you,
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Nick AccadSystems AdministratorCommented:
im not sure what exactly is your host running, but shouldnt
that file be .forward instead of .mail_aliases? or is your
ISP specefically using .mail_aliases?

what is your local mailer? if its procmail the file to play
with is .procmailrc

something like this:

| /path/to/my/

like i said, i do not know enough about your system to give
more help, if u have any more info please post them here


Assuming that you are running on a Linux system, and you have access to your aliases, you can simply set up an alias like:

thisemail:      "|/full/path/to/your/program"
After changing aliases mapping for sendmail, you need to run "newaliases" in order to tell to sendmail to rebuild its aliases.db file.
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randor1973Author Commented:
ok, i found out that i actually need to use the procmail, so can someone show me how to redirect anything coming in to /path/to/my/

Thank you for any help
Why do you need to use procmail?  

In the /etc/aliases file, you can set up:

test:      "|/path/to/my/"

and then run 'newaliases' to update the aliases.
Nick AccadSystems AdministratorCommented:
randor, i already posted an example for procmail

anyway, here it is again:

create a .procmailrc file (that is dot procmailrc)

in it, put something like this
(this is a working procmailrc file)


| /home/user1/



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randor1973Author Commented:
yes, sry naccad, i was unsure if i was reading it correctly, i infact have procmasil and that worked, thank you
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