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Hi all,

Our company is growing large and frequently we have users who are not in IT developing databases only to find out later that they should have used something else or they have duplicated something that already existed.  We haved decided we want to lock everything down so that only IT can create a new db and we will have policies for creating new db's.  I'm not asking how to lock down the server but rather if any of you monkeys have policies of your own that I can steal and tweak for my own use and become the company hero... something to get me started.  So for example the policy will say if you want a database then 1) what do you want it to do? 2) who is it for? 3) does it exist somewhere else etc etc etc.

Anybody doing something like this?


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  I've seen this done in a lot of places.  There are some common ideas that should be in your process.  These are an aggragate of some of what I've seen work well.

* There needs to be a small group that is aware of all the applications out there.  That's critical, this becomes the "review group"

* Someone who needs a db should submit the need to the review group.  

* the review group must have  specificly limited time to respond to the user -- a service level agreement if you will -- or else users won't want to comply.  E.G., within 7 days the review group will give you a list of what else is going on in the same space.

* if there is dissagreement between the requestor and the reviewgroup as to the need for the new db, there needs to be a simple, quick, clear set of guidelines for dealing with it.  (i've seen everything from an appeals process to a "you pay for it, you can have it" policy).

* Costs for deploying a database should be determined, so they can be discussed in context, or even passed on to a group.  For example, a db of 1-100mb in size requires "$x" per month for the I.T. group to support.  That way, if a department wants to pay to have something built, the costs of support can be rolled in before management decides to approve it.

* keep your costs down by allowing users to manage the groups themselves (use the author names field to let db managers run the groups in their acl's).

* keep a master db, with a list of all the db's, their owners, and a next review date (is the db still in use?).

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Oh yea ! my client has a huge application to do this - IN NOTES !!!

Everything is driven by signed agents and only these agent signer has access to create databases on the server (including development).

So, you use this application to say what is this intended for and stuff like that, and say new database or attach a database from your local. Choose a server and path, this new database will be copied by the Agent (signed by superID) to the server.

Almost all the options are available through this application including updating design from development to production, changing ACLs modifying db properties etc etc...since R5 this tool has become more powerful.

snocrossAuthor Commented:
This is great stuff guys.  Andrew I think that's what I'm looking for but I'll keep this question open for a bit.  Guys please submit your ideas and maybe I'll post some more points separately... Arun, what is the name of that software you use?  Or was it built internally?

Its built internally... We call it DART - Domino Application Request Tracking :-)

FYI: All the requests in this system are automatically processed unless otherwise specified.  And all requests are processed within 5 minutes Guaranteed ! (except during one time when I broke it ;-) !

snocrossAuthor Commented:
Ahhh.... DART.... also a Dodge product.  The old Dodge DART.
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