VB 6.0 treeview control "How to make different nodes unvisible"

With the
 Set nod = .Nodes.Add(, , "key", "describtion")

I set different nodes for a treeview.
The tree I set when I load up the form.
Now my question:

When the user performs a certain comand I would like that
all items in nod 1 and all his children dissappear.

I tried
.Nodes("key").visible = false
but it comes up with an error message
"property read only"

What do I have to programme???
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DabasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Easiest way in my opinion is to clear the whole tree, and recreated it without the node.

You could keep a hidden tree or a tree like collection to duplicate your data while you are reconstructing it.

do you want to clear tree or do you want to hide all the nodes?
themrocAuthor Commented:
I would like to hide only one nod with all its children.
is it possible to do at run time???
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No, you have to remove the nodes...
Here is a solution that may work for you:

Get new node
Retain all needed properties of older node (index, releative, parrents, key, etc.)
Delete older node
When you want to display it back the old node insert new node to the tree based on older's node properties that you retained.

Hope this helps you a little bit.
themrocAuthor Commented:
A little bit confusing,

how do I get a new node, is it the set node methode?

How do I retain all the needed properties?

do you have some coding?
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