flavors of linux (advantages/disadvantages)

Knowing that there are at least 5 different flavors of Linux I'm curious the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Could someone provide these details between at least 5 of the major flavors of Linux (Redhat, Mandrake, Debian, Slackware, Corel Linux) 25 pts for each one after these 5 if you know of more flavors that I missed. I'm just trying to see which ones are better for what, etc... Thanks for your help. :0)

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-really for a first-time install
-uses RPM's which keeps track of what/when/where is installed a good package management tool is mandatory
-Sucessful because it has mainly targeted commercial enterprises and other businesses.

They've gone up to a recentish version of KDE, and have thus updated Qt. They have Gnome 2, and thus have GTK2. It's easy to use, and if you want, you can have pretty much everything you want done for you. If, however, you want to learn about things a bit more, you can do stuff by hand, and it doesn't start to cry. It's very flexible in this manner. It also has damn good hardware recognition, so if you're not exactly sure what your machine has, it is likely to pick it up for you anyway. Oh, and I like the fact that the menus in all WMs/DEs have the same entries in the same places.  Mandrake is another sucessful distro because of its ease of use for beginners. One other thing that sets them apart is programs that come with it. Suse uses YaST2 for its hardware configuration while Mandrake uses HardDrake. In the end it really doesn't matter which distro you choose because once you get enough experience with linux thy are all pretty much the same.

Bad points:
They seem to have upgraded to a nasty version of SawFish and it has lost some of its original and endearing functionality. It always starts lots of things on boot that you are not likely to need, so unless you know otherwise, you'll have lots of things slowing it down, and lots of potential holes and problems. They've split up the default RPM installer into two sections - the installer and the uninstaller - whereas it used to be one, and it was much easier to navigate stuff. I can understand why they've done it, because unless you were vigilent about whether you were on the install or uninstall page, you could quite have easily removed stuff from your system be accident!

-is a better choice once you have some experience with Linux
-More advantages can be found here: http://www.togaware.com/linux/survivor/Advantages_Debian.html

Corel not really familiar with
-uses tarballs
-has less security holes, less chances of crashing
-uses BSD type init-scripts (shell files that can be edited)
-created to run on Production Servers, not Personal Workstations, got no configured GUI after installation, no sound card detection, and certainly, it has no Automagic Hardware Detector

A toddler could install it and it comes with tons of hand-picked quality software. With other distros I usually have to go out and find a bunch of other software

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guidwayAuthor Commented:
At this point, foxypeaches gets 125 pts, but if someone can give me info on Corel I'll create a "points for" question for them. Thank You :0)

Corel Linux was a short lived Debian based distribution. It's main claim to fame was that it installed with literally 3 clicks.
It is no longer in development, Corel took down linux.corel.com last week. Also, given that most if not all of the packages included in it have been upgraded it can now be considered dead.

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guidwayAuthor Commented:
thanks xscousr. Guess I'm a little late looking into Corel. Oh well. thanks for the info!

here's some points for you xscousr! Thank you to both. :0)


And I thought I get 125 pts... :-(

Sigh... sniff ;)
guidwayAuthor Commented:
I gave you 125 pts with this question. What were you expecting?
its says 12 at the top .. by the points section
guidwayAuthor Commented:
First of all, ignore that number. :0)

A few months ago, EE had a system where a user would have to pay points to view previously asked questions and the ponits value you see at the top is how much they would have to pay (it is 10% the value of the question).

That just means that is how much it would cost for another user to view the question. This is not in effect anymore and probably will be removed shortly. You received 500 expert points in your profile for my question. (click on your name above a comment to view your profile)

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and that gives you that amount in expert points. Anything you don't understand just post and I will try to answer you. Thanks again for the help! :0)
guidwayAuthor Commented:
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