pop90.exe running at 100% CPU usage

Running win2k service pack 3 and word perfect 9. Most often happens when sending a job to a different printer on the network(other than the default). All printers are network printers. Can't find anything on the net about it.
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Here is some interesting reading about it:

google.com > groups tab > search for pop90.exe



We have three NT4sp6a workstations with WP9sp4 that have occassional
problems printing WP documents. What happens is they try to print the
document and the printer status says the job is spooling. When you go to
the Process in the Task List, pop90.exe is taking 99 percent CPU usage.
When you end this process, it prints.

This only happens with certain documents that have nothing special or
complicated about them. If they copy and paste the text into a new
document, it doesn't happen.

Any ideas?

Thank you for your help.

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From: Greg Helton (bah@vol.com)
Subject: Re: pop90.exe
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Newsgroups: corel.wpoffice.wordperfect9
Date: 2001-08-17 09:09:06 PST

This worked for us. Had the same problem about two months ago. Haven't seen
it since.

Try reinstalling the printer drivers or using an emulation driver (like
the LaserJet 4) instead? Sometimes that's all it takes.

Some reports of the problem are that the document contains black and white
graphics that are not saved in grayscale. Open a graphics editing program,
resave the graphic in grayscale, then reattach it to the document.

Also, the POP90.EXE file could be damaged. Replace it with the one off the
CD-ROM. You may also need to re-Register the module by using the PFREG.EXE
program (double-click it, unregister PerfectPrint, re-register it).

Good luck.

jscuderiAuthor Commented:
I will try a few things and let you guys know...thanks
jscuderiAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I will not know for sure for a while but I think you got the right info for me.
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