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Lotus Notes Scheduled Agent Export View to Tabular Text?

I feel stupid asking this one...

Does anyone know how I can automate exporting a Notes View into Tabular text format to C:\ using a scheduled agent?
I have an Agent setup as:

Run Once(@Commands may be used)

@Command([OpenView] ; "ACCESS EXPORT");
@Command([FileExport] ; "Tabular Text" ; "C:\\tabulartext.txt")

This opens the view fine & launches the export, but I have to manually check the All Documents & Include View Titles.  I want to set the "All Documents" and "Include View Titles" flags, so that the entire operation is handled automatically.
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1 Solution
Use @Command([EditSelectAll]) first before exporting.

And as far as checking the box to include view titles, you might have to look into some API stuff or SendKeys options.

If done in lotus script, as there are multiple entries out here about exporting to excel, you can put the export logic in an agent an execute the agent from a button.  Then just include the export script in the agent.  Some of the export scripts are very slick and select all documents, format the titles, etc.  I have some export logic that I use if interested.
Good Luck !!
Hello Arun.:-)
simpsopAuthor Commented:
I'd definetly be interested in your export logic if you don't mind sharing.
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.

Place this in an agent and establish a button to execute the agent.

'Export to Excel|expexcel:

'Export to Excel v2:

Option Public
This Script has been created by D. Hasa, Yel GmbH, Switzerland  in April 2001

It may be distributed and modified freely, as long as this header is kept intact.

Please report any bugs, fixes or enhancements to info@yel.ch

This script exports a UIView 'As-Is' from Notes 5 to Excel 2000
It has been tested with Notes 5.03/5.05/5.08 into Excel97 & 2000

--> every column (include headers) is a column in Excel
     and every value displayed of a document is a row in Excel
Every Value will be inserted as Text into Excel
You can now export also only selected documents, but the script gets thru all documents in a view, because the the property doc.ColumnValues(n) only returns a value if it has been fetched from a view (selected documents get fetched by a NotesDocumentCollection).
Excel-Object Problems
Added another ExcelApp-Constant (Excel.Application.8)
Visualised Progress
This script is From http://www.notes.net/50beta.nsf/7d6a87824e2f09768525655b0050f2f2/1B5AFDF4B4ACC732852566BB005CDC45?OpenDocument
Thanks to Les Szklanny
--> I cannot give you any  guaranty of proper functionality you can turn it on or of --> const visualproc
It is only a script without any Dialog-Boxes by exception --> Distribution and Implementation is very easy

Simply copy this whole file into an Agent:
Name:    Export to Excel
Run:     Manually from Actions Menu
act on:       Selected documents in View
Run:     Lotus Script

--> Export works in any View/Folder of that database

Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim view As NotesView
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim nc, nl, nmore
Dim selList(0 To 20) As String
Dim vcol List As String
Dim excelAppObject As Variant

Const visualproc = True 'Display VisualProgress true = yes /false = no
Const AppConst = "Excel.Application"
Const AppConst2 = "Excel.Application.8"
Const NPB_TWOLINE% = 1 '1 is for the big "in its window" progress bar and 32 is for the small blue line at the bottom of the screen

' Procedures in nnotesws.dll (undocumented!!).
Declare Function NEMProgressBegin Lib "nnotesws.dll" ( Byval wFlags As Integer ) As Long
Declare Sub NEMProgressEnd Lib "nnotesws.dll" ( Byval hwnd As Long )
Declare Sub NEMProgressSetBarPos Lib "nnotesws.dll" ( Byval hwnd As Long, Byval dwPos As Long)
Declare Sub NEMProgressSetBarRange Lib "nnotesws.dll" ( Byval hwnd As Long, Byval dwMax As Long )
Declare Sub NEMProgressSetText Lib "nnotesws.dll" ( Byval hwnd As Long, Byval pcszLine1 As String, _
Byval pcszLine2 As String )
Class ProgressBar
' Objects
      Private hwnd As Long
' Constructor.
      Sub New (BarRange As Long)
            On Error Goto ErrorHandler
' Create the progress bar.
            Me.hwnd = NEMProgressBegin (NPB_TWOLINE)
' Set the bar range.
            Call NEMProgressSetBarRange (Me.hwnd, BarRange)
            Exit Sub
            Dim TheError As String
            TheError = "Constructor: Error " + Str(Err) + ": " + Error$
            Messagebox TheError, 0 + 48, "Progress Bar Error"
      End Sub
' Destructor.
      Sub Delete
' Destroy the progress bar.
            Call NEMProgressEnd (Me.hwnd)
      End Sub
      Public Sub UpdatePosition (BarPos As Long)
' Update the bar position.
            Call NEMProgressSetBarPos (Me.hwnd, BarPos)
      End Sub
      Public Sub UpdateProgressText (BarMsg As String, UpdateMsg As String)
' Update progress text.
            Call NEMProgressSetText (Me.hwnd, BarMsg, UpdateMsg)
      End Sub
End Class

Sub Initialize
      On Error Goto ExitExcel
'Main Code
      Dim session As New NotesSession
      Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace
      Dim UIview As NotesUIView
      Dim collection As NotesDocumentCollection      
      Dim coldoc As NotesDocument
      Dim BarMsg As String, UpdateMsg As String
      Dim countall As Long, countthis As Long, countallsel As Long, countthissel As Long
      Dim NChar As String
      Set UIview = workspace.CurrentView
      Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
      UIViewname = UIView.ViewName
      UIViewAlias = UIView.Viewalias
      Set view = db.GetView( UIViewName )
      Set collection = db.UnprocessedDocuments
      gowithselection = False
      goonall = True
      'Determine if it is a collection
      countallsel = collection.count
      If countallsel >1 Then
            gowithselection = workspace.Prompt(PROMPT_YESNO, "Selection found", "Export only selected documents?")
            Set doc=collection.getfirstdocument
            'Check if there is really a doc selected
            If (doc Is Nothing) And (goonwithselection) Then
                  Msgbox "Invalid selection"
                  Exit Sub
            End If
            Set doc = Nothing
            BarMsg = "Exporting selected documents ..."
            goonall = workspace.Prompt(PROMPT_YESNO, "No Selection found", "Export all documents?" + Chr$(13) + "Info: If you want to export only selected documents," + Chr$(13) + "please select these documents before running this script.")
            If goonall=False Then
                  Print "Exiting..."
                  Exit Sub
            End If
            Set collection = Nothing
            BarMsg = "Exporting documents ..."
      End If
      doformat = Messagebox("Format the Excel-Sheet?", 36)
      If doFormat = 6 Then
            Call SetSelList()
            SelForm = workspace.Prompt(PROMPT_OKCANCELLIST, "AutoFormat-Form","Select the Autoformat-Form", "Simple" , SelList)
            TitleBar = Cint(Inputbox ( "How many degrees shall the Title-Line be turned", "Title-Turn", "0"))
            If Titlebar > 90 Then
                  TitleBar = 90
            Elseif TitleBar < -90 Then
                  TitleBar = -90
            End If
      End If
      SelAutoForm = getAutoForm( selForm )
'Launch Excel and open it in the UI
      Set excelAppObject = CreateObject( AppConst )
      'Try other AppConst
      If excelAppObject Is Nothing Then
            Set excelAppObject = CreateObject( AppConst2 )
            If excelAppObject Is Nothing Then
                  Msgbox "Could not create an Excel Object"
                  Exit Sub
            End If
      End If
      excelAppObject.Visible = False
      Call excelAppObject.Workbooks.Add
      Set excelWorksheetObject = excelAppObject.ActiveSheet
'Add the table labels
      Forall c In view.Columns
            'do not export hidden columns or those with fixed vals (not displayed as doc.columnvalues!!!!)
            If Not c.ishidden And Not c.IsIcon And Not (c.IsFormula And Not Instr(1, c.Formula, "@") And Not Instr(1, c.Formula, "+")) Then
                  nchar = countcol(nChar)
                  excelWorksheetObject.Range( nchar + "1").Value = c.Title
            End If
      End Forall
      m_let = nchar
      'Export Documents
      Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument
      If gowithselection Then countall = countallsel Else countall = view.AllEntries.Count
      countthis = 0
      countthissel = 0
      If visualProc Then Dim RefreshProgress As New ProgressBar (countall) 'display the ProcessWindow/Bar
      While Not ( doc Is Nothing Or exitnow)
            countthis = countthis + 1
            If gowithselection Then
                  Set coldoc = Nothing
                  Set coldoc = collection.GetDocument(doc)
                  If Not coldoc Is Nothing Then 'Exports only if doc is part of collection
                        Call ExportDoc(excelWorksheetObject)
                        countthissel = countthissel + 1
                  End If
                  If visualproc Then
                        UpdateMsg = "Exporting document " + Cstr(countthissel) + " of " + Cstr(countall) + Chr$(13) + "Processing Doc in View: " + Cstr(countthis)                        
                        Call RefreshProgress.UpdatePosition (countthissel)
                        Print "Exporting document " + Cstr(countthissel) + " of " + Cstr(countall) + " / " + "Processing Doc in View: " + Cstr(countthis)
                  End If
                  Call ExportDoc(excelWorksheetObject)
                  UpdateMsg = "Exporting document " + Cstr(countthis) + " of " + Cstr(countall)
                  If visualproc Then
                        Call RefreshProgress.UpdatePosition (countthis)
                        Print UpdateMsg
                  End If
            End If
            If visualproc Then Call RefreshProgress.UpdateProgressText (BarMsg, UpdateMsg)
            If countall = countthissel Then exitnow = True  'Exit routine
            Set doc = view.GetNextDocument(doc)
 'formating the Worksheet
      If doformat = 6 Then
            BarMsg = "One moment please..."
            UpdateMsg = "Formating the document..."
            If visualproc Then Call RefreshProgress.UpdateProgressText (BarMsg, UpdateMsg) Else Print Updatemsg
            excelWorksheetObject.Range("A2:" + m_let + Cstr(nl) ).Select
            excelWorksheetObject.Range("A1:" + m_let + Cstr(nl)).Select
            With excelAppObject.Selection
                  .AutoFormat SelAutoForm, False, True, False, True, True, False
                  .VerticalAlignment = -4160
            End With
            With excelAppObject.Selection
                  .VerticalAlignment = -4107
                  .HorizontalAlignment = -4108
                  .WrapText = True
                  .Orientation = Cint(titlebar)
                  .ShrinkToFit = False
                  .MergeCells = False
                  RowHeight = 215
            End With
            excelWorksheetObject.Range("A:" + m_let).Select
            With excelAppObject.Selection.Font
                  .Name = "Arial"
                  .Size = 10
            End With
            With excelAppObject.Windows(1)    
            End With  
            With excelWorksheetObject.PageSetup
                  .Orientation = 2
                  .LeftHeader = "&""Arial,Bold""&18"+db.Title+" - "+ UIViewAlias
                  .CenterHeader = ""
                  .RightHeader = "Datum: &D"
                  .LeftFooter = ""
                  .CenterFooter = ""
                  .RightFooter = "Seite &P"
                  .PrintArea = ("A1:"+ m_let + Cstr(nl))              
                  .PaperSize = 9
                  .CenterHorizontally = True          
                  .FitToPagesTall =False
                  .zoom = False
            End With          
      End If
      excelAppObject.Visible = True
      Exit Sub
      Print "Error in Line " + Cstr(Erl) + " : " + Cstr(Error)
      excelAppObject.DisplayAlerts = False
      Exit Sub
End Sub
Function countcol( nChar As String)
      If nc=91 Then
            nmore = nmore+1 'PreChar = Axx (AC23)
            nc=65 'reset to A
      End If
      If nmore > 0 Then
            nchar = Cstr(Chr(nc))      
      End If
      countcol = nchar
End Function
Function getAutoForm( selForm) As Integer
      Select Case SelForm
      Case "Simple"
            SelAutoForm = -4154
      Case "Classic1"
            SelAutoForm =1
      Case "Classic2"
            SelAutoForm =2
      Case "Classic3"
            SelAutoForm =3
      Case "Accounting1"
            SelAutoForm =4
      Case "Accounting2"
            SelAutoForm =5
      Case "Accounting3"
            SelAutoForm =6
      Case "Color1"
            SelAutoForm =7
      Case "Color2"
            SelAutoForm =8
      Case "Color3"            
            SelAutoForm =9
      Case "List1"
            SelAutoForm =10
      Case "List2"
            SelAutoForm =11
      Case "List3"
            SelAutoForm =12
      Case "D3Effects1"
            SelAutoForm =13
      Case "D3Effects2"
            SelAutoForm =14
      Case "Format1"
            SelAutoForm =15
      Case "Format2"
            SelAutoForm =16
      Case "Accounting4"
            SelAutoForm =17
      Case "Format3"
            SelAutoForm =19
      Case "Format4"
            SelAutoForm =20
      Case Else
            SelAutoForm =-4142
      End Select
      GetAutoForm = SelAutoForm      
End Function
Sub SetSelList()
      SelList(0) = "Simple"
      SelList(1) = "Classic1"
      SelList(2) = "Classic2"      
      SelList(3) = "Classic3"      
      SelList(4) = "Accounting1"
      SelList(5) = "Accounting2"
      SelList(6) = "Accounting3"
      SelList(7) = "Accounting4"
      SelList(8) = "Color1"
      SelList(9) = "Color2"
      SelList(10) = "Color3"
      SelList(11) = "List1"
      SelList(12) = "List2"
      SelList(13) = "List3"
      SelList(14) = "D3Effects1"
      SelList(15) = "D3Effects2"
      SelList(16) = "Format1"
      SelList(17) = "Format2"
      SelList(18) = "Format3"
      SelList(19) = "Format4"
      SelList(20) = "None"      
End Sub
Sub ExportDoc(excelWorksheetObject)
      On Error Goto ErrorEntry
      Dim nChar As String
      nl= nl+1
      ocount = 0
      Forall c In view.Columns
            If Not c.ishidden And Not c.isicon Then 'do not export hidden columns!
                  nchar = countcol(nChar)
                  With excelWorksheetObject.Range(nchar + Cstr(nl))
                        .NumberFormat = "@"                  
                        .Value = doc.ColumnValues(ocount)
                  End With
            End If
      End Forall
      Exit Sub
      With excelWorksheetObject.Range(nchar + Cstr(nl))
            .NumberFormat = "@"                  
            .Value = "ERROR: WRONG VALUE"
      End With
      Resume Next
End Sub

simpsopAuthor Commented:
   Sorry, I didn't catch the "Button" part. I need this to run automatically, on a scheduled basis, with absolutely NO user intervention. The plan is to export a tabular text file to a shared drive at say midnight, asving it as either a .txt ot .csv file, so that an MSAccess database can retrieve it & load it to it's files at 1am.

Nice code for an export button though.


Hello Paul,
You can set this code up to run anywhere.  set it in an agent and schedule your agent however you wish.  YOu will see in the logic that it currently exports to excel, but it is modifiable to export to txt as well.
I choose to have it run from a button, but it can be modified to run anytime...
It give you a good solid base starting point.
simpsopAuthor Commented:
Hi pratigan,
Thanks for clearing that up. Answer accepted.
Thanks again,
Your Welcome !!
Thank You !

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