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Problem Accessing IPHLPAPI.DLL from C#

I would appreciate any help in calling GetNetworkParams in IPHLPAPI.DLL using C#.

I am new to C# and windows programing, I come from a Java background and I am unfamiliar with DLL's and stucts.

When I run the code attached below I only get a result code of 87.

The ouput of running the code is:

BufferSize => 100000000
Error => 87

My Test Code:

using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

namespace test
     public class IpHelperTest
          public const int ERROR_BUFFER_OVERFLOW = 111;

          public static extern long GetNetworkParams(ref FIXED_INFO buf, long cbRequired);

          public struct IP_ADDR_STRING
               long dwNext;  
               String IpAddress;  
               String IpMask;
               long dwContext;

          public struct FIXED_INFO
               String HostName;
               String DomainName;  
               IP_ADDR_STRING CurrentDnsServer;
               IP_ADDR_STRING DnsServerList;  
               long NodeType;  
               String ScopeId;
               long EnableRouting;  
               long EnableProxy;  
               long EnableDns;
          public static void Main()
               long bufferSize = 100000000;
               FIXED_INFO Info = new FIXED_INFO();
               long error = GetNetworkParams(ref Info, bufferSize);

               Console.WriteLine("BufferSize => "+bufferSize);
               Console.WriteLine("Error => "+error);

1 Solution
  For the beginning you should fill out your Info structure with valid data.
For further debugging you can see System Error Codes here:

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