Acrobat Reader freezes

I've installed and unistalled several times Acrobat Reader and I can't get it working any more (it uses to run). I use Windows 2000. I tried several versions and no differences. The last one I have is the 5.1


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were u asked to download the updates or something?

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julitoAuthor Commented:
I have the original (the one sometime used to work) and I downloaded the newer one from
how do u uninstall and reinstall?

Did u restart after uninstall? do that if u didn't, then reinstall the program, and restart...

you have the admin rights to install/uninstall right?!
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julitoAuthor Commented:
unistall and reinstall, yes, several times
Yes I restarted
Yes I'm using administrator logon
strange... after uninstall try to delete the adobe acrobat folder under program files

and try to delete the files under windows\temp folder.

if possible or if u know how, try to remove the registries of the acrobat reader too
julitoAuthor Commented:

I deleted de directory and re-installed in other partition!

I browsed the registry ande deleted references to Reader

What I have nor done is to delete the temp folder. I'll do it

If you are trying to view large pdf's that are not local, you may experience "freeze-like" behavior.  The best solution in these cases is to copy the file locally, or download the files from the source site (right-click, save target as...) before trying to open them with Acrobat Reader.

julitoAuthor Commented:
News (but no solution)

I deleted TEMP folder
I had got a message: "setup has determined an uninstallation has not completed..."  

I followed instructions and got the sema message again. Aparently I was being unable to uninstall. I got a trick: to install again in my crowded D: disk and then unistall from D:  

I worked and I was able to install without warnings or error messages. Nevertheless it doesn't run.

p.s. the files are local files but it freezes even if I just open it.
julitoAuthor Commented:
Sorry Smallbee but I don't need to try to open a PDF document to get the Reader freezzed. It freezes just after a while I run it (it begins loaging plugins and somewhere it stop doing it and got to "do nothing" mode). Your link refers to

Freeze or Error in Internet Explorer for Windows When Viewing PDF File

When you try to view, move forward or back in, find text in, or close an Adobe PDF file you've opened from a Web page, Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows freezes, quits, or returns an error such as the following:

-- plug-in error
-- Dr. Watson error "An application error has occurred and an application error is being generated." or "Exception: Access violation (Oxc0000005) Address 0x77164bc3"
-- "out of program space"
-- "memory could not be written"

When you try to view, move forward or back in, find text in, or close an Adobe PDF file you've opened from a Web page, Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows freezes, quits, or returns an error such as the following :

- plug-in error
- Dr. Watson error "An application error has occurred and an application error is being generated." or "Exception : Access violation (Oxc0000005) Address 0x77164bc3"
- "out of program space"
- "memory could not be written"


**  Adobe Acrobat viewers (i.e., Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Exchange) may be configured as plug-ins in Internet Explorer, rather than as helper applications.

**  Your Monitor may be set to display 256 colors.

Solutions  -  Do one or more of the following :

Solution - 1

View the PDF file within either Internet Explorer 4.0x or later or Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later. If you use Internet Explorer 5.0, make sure that its security options recognize the Acrobat Control :

Note : This procedure changes Internet Explorer's security options for all ActiveX Controls. If you prefer to use stricter security, do not complete these steps.

1. Exit from Internet Explorer 5.0 and the Acrobat viewer.
2. Start Internet Explorer 5.0.
3. Choose Tools > Internet Options and click the Security tab.
4. Choose the appropriate Web content zone for the type of PDF file you're trying to open (e.g. Internet or Local Intranet).
5. Click Custom Level to specify the security setting for this zone.
6. Select Enable for the options labeled "Download unsigned ActiveX controls" and "Initialize and script ActiveX Controls not marked as safe."
7. Click OK and then click OK again.

Solution - 2

Be sure that only one version of an Acrobat viewer is installed. If necessary, uninstall all versions of the Acrobat viewer, restart the computer, and install only the latest version of the Acrobat viewer to ensure that only one version of the Acrobat Control is available to Internet Explorer. For instructions on how to uninstall Acrobat viewers, see Related Records.

Solution - 3

If you use Internet Explorer 3.x in Windows NT, set the monitor to display more than 256 colors (e.g., True Color, Millions). For instructions, refer to the Windows NT documentation.

Solution - 4

Configure the Acrobat viewer as a Helper Application in Internet Explorer. For instructions, see document 315029, "Configuring Internet Explorer and AOL for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0 to Display PDF Files."

Solution - 5

If your computer has less than 24 MB of RAM, install more RAM.

Additional  Information

If you have more than one version of an Acrobat viewer installed (e.g., Acrobat Reader 3.0 and Acrobat Reader 4.0), Internet Explorer may not recognize the Acrobat Control and may return an error when you try to view a PDF file.

If you open a PDF file in Internet Explorer 3.x for Windows NT while your monitor is set to display 256 colors, Internet Explorer may quit or Dr. Watson may return errors.

Acrobat requires at least 24 MB of RAM to run in Windows NT and at least 16 MB of RAM to run in Windows 95 or Windows 98. Adobe recommends at least 32 MB of RAM, however.

~ The End ~
some ppl fix it by doing:

1.Changed default priner
2.Reinserted physical memory and PCI cards (different occassions)
3.Just let it stop happening (Works like a charm to the unhappiness of the clients)
4.Deleting Temp files and .bak files
5.Deleting Temp Internet Files and minimizing the max size.
6.Enlarging or just changing the Pagefile size.
7.Uninstalling the app in question, rebooting then installing it again.


Once installed Windows SP3 the problem has gone away.  Prior to installing Windows service pack installed OfficeXP SP2.


1. Install latest OS Service Packs.
2. Update all drivers (especially printer).
3. Change default printer to a different printer.
4. Check / replace memory modules.
5. Reinstall OS
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