TRect Trouble..

Hi, I have recently finished making my first ever component called TExtLabel. It basically, so far, shows any text with a very accurate and neat border around it; at least I thought so.

After looking at the output a few times I noticed that the furthest left and furthest right pixel was being cut-off and made some characters look a little blocky. I have tried to fix the problem but everything I do will not work.

I have included full source and the DPK file here:

If anyone could maybe fix my source so that it shows the extra pixel on both left and right sides of the label I will award the points. :)

Thanks very much, Nat.
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hello Krakken, I looked at your code, and it seems that you are trying to Draw outside the controls paint area, so I added some code to expand the area of the control on the auto size for text, but I really did not see the "Left side" pixel not there, so All I did was increase the Right side of the control so the DrawText for offset rect to Right will have something to draw on - - - -

(Code removed at the request of the questioner because it is the code of the questioner.  I have saved the code for future reference only in the event it comes up again

E-E Admin)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
if you still have Left side problems, then you might adj that as well

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KrakkenAuthor Commented:
Okay i'm trying that now :)
I adapted some of the code from someone else so thanks for commenting out the bits I didn't need. ;)
KrakkenAuthor Commented:
Yes the left pixel is still missing. Sorry it only shows on certain fonts.

I can't seem to fix this either.
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KrakkenAuthor Commented:
No matter, done it! Thanks!
you may want to increase the amount that you add to the Controls width, I used 3 pixels but 4 or 5 pixels may be better??

also you may want to change

if (rctFla and DT_CALCRECT <> 0) and ((Length(Caption) = 0) or
  ShowAccelChar and (Caption[1] = '&') and (Length(Caption) = 1)) then sText := ' ';


if (rctFla and DT_CALCRECT <> 0) and ((Length(Caption) = 0) or
  ShowAccelChar and (Caption[1] = '&') and (Length(Caption) = 1)) then Exit;

since there is no text drawn with a Space

and leave out the sText altogether and just use Caption
DrawText(Canvas.Handle, PChar(Caption),
KrakkenAuthor Commented:
Thanks again! :)
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