utf-8 converted to garbage ?? in SoapHttpClientProtocol


We use .NET client to connect weblogic 7.1 server. I used the wsdl.exe to generate the proxy classes for wsdl file from weblogic. When I use this service to send the extended ascii characters from .NET client such as é it goes to weblogic server fine. Its fine in the response as well, but when the .NET regenerates the client proxy objects, it becomes "??". When I print out the xml its generating from proxy object it says its using "utf-8" encoding, but seems like its screwing up the data when it comes back from the server, ie., its using utf-16 instead. Has anybody faced such a problem.

thanks in advance.
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SpideyModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PAQ'd and points refunded.

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man068Author Commented:
I solved this myself. this was a weblogic server problem. It was not returning the charset as utf-8 in the content-type header of the response. That has been fixed in 7.0 service pack 2 of weblogic. by default .NET clients use ascii if this is not specified.

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