win2k vs win98 Runtime Error 7 "Not enough Memory"

Hello Everyone:
I am developing a automated test program for testing electrical comcponets of a circuit.
The problem I am having is that I developed the software on a machine that had Windows 2000 installed. I had to remove win2K from that machine in order for another software package that my VB code calls to run properly. this software ONLY runs on windows 95 or windows 98. I installed windows 98 and everything is going well, but now when I try to run my code, I get runtime error 7 "Not enough memory"

How do I fix this? I don't understand why I am experiecning this error now, especially when this is the same machine except with win98 instead of win2k.
Does anyone have a solution?
I would appreciate any help that can be provided. I am at a stand still until I can get this resolved.

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"Not enough memory" is something of a "catch-all" error - it has about a million possible causes.  You're going to need to post some source code before anyone will be able to help you.
gbuslettaAuthor Commented:
What I am doing is loading an "Main" window which acts like my workspace. From theri I use menu controls to do File->New->Test using code:
  Dim F As FrmTest1
  Set F = New FrmTest1

the user than picks some stuff from drop down boxes etc. and hits a "Next Button" which hides thies Test1 form and opens the next form to load more info about the test.
The reason I am hiding this form is to allow the used to use a "previous" button to make changes to the initial test setup.
The next form is loaded in the smae manner as Test1
    'load the next form
    Dim F As FrmTest2
    Set F = New FrmTest2

This is where the machine tells me that is does not ahve enough memeory.
Now I do open a few databases when the Main  form appears and I do have  quite a few Public Variables (about 50) but everything worked fine with the win2K machine.

Does the problem occur at the Set statement or the Show method?

Windows 95, 98, and ME have more memory usage restrictions than the NT flavors do, so you should try commenting out some of the publics or databases to determine whether that is the problem.

If possible, I would disconnect some of those databases before showing FrmTest2, and then re-connecting later if the user backs up.

Of course, this may be a problem with that software package you're calling.  Comment that out and see if it works any better.

If commenting out the software package does fix the problem, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't use the package - it may work okay compiled.  Try "Make MYPROJECT.EXE" and see if the EXE works any differently.
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gbuslettaAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone who submitted a reply.
I ended up just dividing some of my larger forms into a series of smaller ones and everyon is ok. I don't like the look of it now, but it funcitons and for now, that is all that is importatn.
Thanks once again.

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