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About COM and DCOM

Hi there,
Can any body tell me ,what is COM and DCOM.what is the diference betwen them.
And what are  Module and Class Module in VB and what is the difference between them.
1 Solution
COM Component Object Model. Modeling your application in components same as builing a Car from components. Take a wheel Take a headlight Take a seat and start assembly.

Purppose is to create reusable components that can be used in diferent applications.

DCOM in the protocol to use COM distributed. Component A is on server one and application B on Client 2 Application B knows where to find and communicate with component A through DCOM. This is the way (used to be) to build scallable distributed application.

Next a module is a place where you store Contants and public functions to be used all over your application.
Sometimes refered to as a utility class. It does not need to be instantiated it's there from the moment your application starts. So its expensive in terms of resources used by the opperating system

A classmodules is a blueprint of an object. You can create it by using = New or CreateObject and you can Destroy it by setting it to Nothing.
In a class you can create Methods (functions and subs) Properties (let/set,get) and Events (raiseevents)

CLasses are the buildingblocks for you application.

Read and learn about them.

not too sure about COM and DCOM. But .bas modules are can be used to organise code within VB and class modules enable you to develop object orientated applications.

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