HowTo: print mail with embedded images

Mails are sent from OL2000 CW  and EX5.5
Open a new HTML mail
Insert/Picture from file, select the images (jpg, gif)for internal communication
send the mail
Users complain as they cant  print the mail: print shows red crosses and nothing else

Examining the mail sources, I get <IMG alt="" hspace=0
src="cid:800373721@04032003-11bf" align=baseline border=0>
as images were converted to MIME while sent.

My question: how to send mails which can be printable.
I cant publish the images to a web site and use <img src = "http://xxxx......> as mails are sent to internal and external users who wont access an intranet web site.
Also part of my users do not use Outlook but Linux or *nix Netscape or other mail client

Is a 100% success method available?

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aeklundConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to upgrade to office SR2 or SR3, not sure which, but you can get them both from microsoft:|97|98|2000|2002&Type=Update|Converter|Add-In|Assistant|Stationery|Document|Viewer|Template|Anti-Virus|Updates

NOTE: Be sure to read the updates that are applied to Outlook in SP3, some of them you might not like.
This is a microsoft bug and they do have an article on how to fix it.. it requires having a certain version of outlook and a certain version of ie..

You can print images in an HTML message using the following application combinations:
Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 or later and Outlook 2000 build 5205 or later.

Here is the article:;en-us;309171
stefriAuthor Commented:
According to KB, this applies only to images linked to Internet. The images I am sending are MIME encoded in the message.

Saving as html does not help as the are not saved.

Copu Paste to Word does not work either

I am using IE- and OL2000 SR1 CW 9.0.3821 (where do you get the build version from?)

I am frustrated...and my users keep calling me to find a solution or a workaround: copy image, open Paint, Paste then print... not really modern ways to work!!!
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stefriAuthor Commented:
Apparently, it can be copied to Excel using Paste Special and BMP format

But if you remember, part of my users are *nix world: they do not have excel ;-(
Sorry wrong article.. this is the correct one.. I know because I had the same issue but didn't have the artle handy, and searched for it... But I found the correct one now:;en-us;287768
stefriAuthor Commented:
I will try tomorrow when back to office (nearly midnight here) and go back to you

stefriAuthor Commented:
I have now IE SP2
I also applied Windows 2000 SP3 but Ol still shows (as I am office) SR1 version (About MS Outlook) and from Outlook.exe I get

How can I get the right version number mentionned in KB


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