Printing problem

Hello. If I print a page with boxes on the left hand screen, there will be incomplete text lines to the right when printed. What do I do?

Second question. In Excell, if I have a two column page, my printer will only print half and I'm not able to print the other half. How can I print both sides on the same page? Thank you.
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In Excel, what's your print area set to? What shows on screen when you do a Print Preview? What version of Excel and Windows? Which printer? Does it ever print anything on the right-hand side? Is your driver up-to-date?

The same questions (and more, like: which application?) apply to your first problem. Any attempt to give any answer without more info would be sheer guesswork.

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fixproblemsAuthor Commented:
I think the comments are great. I'm not a knowledgeable geek in computers and their settings. I can only answer to some of those questions asked back. I do not have answers to these: 1- In excel, the print erea setting? 2- Did not do a print preview. 3- Version of excel? 4- Driver up-to-date?

The answers I can give are these: I have Windows 98, second edition. The printer(s) are HP Desktop 842C and a Brother HL-8e laser printer.They both do the same thing on different computers. No, it never prints on the right-hand side.

I want to thank you very much for answering in the first place.

To set Print Area, highlight a range of cells and go to File>Print Area>Set Print Area. In the same menu you can also clear an incorrect print area.

As 2 different printers and 2 different PCs do the same thing I very much think the problem is in Excel or in the document. I would start with a Print Preview and take it from there.
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