C-style or function-style cast within a class method

This is my problem;
error C2664: 'isspace' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'char *' to 'int'
This conversion requires a reinterpret_cast, a C-style cast or function-style cast
Error executing cl.exe.          

This is the section of code;
if(isspace(pSSNumber[i])){ // Determines it is a tab or space

Note: pSSNumber is char* class_name::pSSNumber.

This is the solution, maybe?;
if(isspace(int(pSSNumber[i]))){ // Determines it is a tab or space }

Note: the int() cast.

My question is; is there a better solution.  It turns out that I have to do a cast on many statements.  Seems to me that there should be a global solution.
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how about writing your own isspace() function that take char*
char and int are synonymous terms. You will have no difficulty passing a char to isspace(). However, char* is a pointer to a char array, not a char. Your error leads me to beleive that pSSNumber is a multidimensional array. If so, this is your problem because a multi dimensional array is simply an array of pointers. Assuming that it is a two dimensional array you would check the first character in the array by saying,

if( isspace( pSSNumber[i][0] ) )

Could you post the section of code in which pSSNumber is declared?


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Are you sure, pSSNumber's type is char* .

I almost think, in your program pSSNumber's type is char** .

Could you check it .
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>> how about writing your own isspace() function that take char*

Because char* is a pointer not a char. char* variables are not used to store characters so writing a function that checked to see if its value was equivalent to a space character would be pointless.

chimaAuthor Commented:
I believe that Exceter is right.  pSSNumber is a two demensional array. I had move this section of code from main(){} and did not think of the input statment for the array.  I will try Exceter's solution, then issue the points.  I'm new at this, therefore writing my own isspace would require more skill than what I have.

Sidebar: I did not get an email telling me that there were responses.  I wonder why?  Also, I saw that the status was/is <unlocked> what does this mean?  I read the links for "New EEs" but have not come accross its meaning.
I hope and I think that the question is still open.
>> I did not get an email telling me that there were responses.  I wonder why?  

The email notifications get behind once in a while, the notification will show up.

>> Also, I saw that the status was/is <unlocked> what does this mean?

That simply means that you have not accepted an answer to this question yet.

chimaAuthor Commented:
Exeter, you're smart and quick, thanks.
It worked.  Silly me for thinking that the problem was more difficult.  I have another question, which I will post tomorrow.  Once again thanks.
You are most welcome.
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