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Won't count files in a directory

I'm trying to count the number of files in a directory, to determine navigation.  Here's what I have:

<%@page contentType="text/html" import="java.io.*"%>

//Get the parameters
String courseId          = request.getParameter("courseid");
int chapter          = Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter("chapter"));
int pageIndex          = Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter("page"));
String state          = request.getParameter("state");

//Get the number of pages for the current chapter

String directory = courseId + "\\" + chapter;
int currentChapPages      = 0;
File chapPages = new File(directory);
if (chapPages.isDirectory())  {
     currentChapPages = chapPages.listFiles().length;

//Calculate the next and previous chapter & page
int prevChapter          = chapter;
int prevPage          = pageIndex - 1;
int nextChapter          = chapter;
int nextPage          = pageIndex + 1;
boolean showNextButton     = true;
boolean showPrevButton     = true;

//If the current page is the last page, go to the next chapter and first page
if (pageIndex >= currentChapPages) {
     nextPage = 1;

     //Make sure there is a next chapter, if not don't show next button
     String directoryPrev = courseId + "\\" + chapter;
     int prevChapPages      = 0;
     File prevPages = new File(directoryPrev);
     if (prevPages.isDirectory())  {
          prevChapPages = prevPages.list().length;
     else {
          showNextButton = false;

//If it is the first page, go to the previous chapter except for the How-To (98)
if (pageIndex <= 1 && chapter != 98) {

     //If the the scope is beyond the first chapter, go to the foreword (99)
     if (prevChapter <= 0) {
          prevChapter = 99;

     //Find the last page of the previous chapter if it is not the current chapter
     //Set the prev page to the last page in the previous chapter
     if (prevChapter != chapter) {
          String directoryPrev = courseId + "\\" + chapter;
                int prevChapPages      = 0;
                File prevChapList = new File(directoryPrev);
                if (prevChapList.isDirectory())  {
                    prevChapPages = prevChapList.list().length;
          prevPage = prevChapPages;

Seems like it should work, but if I print out the value of currentChapPages or prevChapPages I get zero.  If I declare the variable without assigning it an initial value, it throws a 500 saying "The variable "currentChapPages" may be accessed here before having been definitely assigned a value."  We're running JRun 3.0 on IIS 5.  Anyone have any ideas why I can't get a value out of the currentChapPages bit?

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1 Solution
>> String directory = courseId + "\\" + chapter;
>> File chapPages = new File(directory);
your directory is not pointing to the right place

where is your directory located, if it is localted at yourwebapproot/courseId/chapter, try:

String directory = application.getRealPath( "/" + courseId + "/" + chapter );
create a File object refer a directory
File fdir = new File("path/url to dir");

the following returns name of files or directory
String files[] = fdir.list();
tigerjade_ncAuthor Commented:
The path's correct.  I tried making it full relative as well as absolute, and still didn't get any closer.  The currentChapPages & prevChapPages variables still return zero, no matter what's in the directory.  Neither of these suggestions worked with this bleeping thing.  :(  Anything else I might have missed?  Thanks for the efforts, y'all.  
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tigerjade_ncAuthor Commented:
I found a weird work-around.  I moved the files to another level, and now it's counting!  Thanks, y'all!
>> I found a weird work-around.  I moved the files to another level
I swear that your path is pointing to the right place, and I would never use filesystem relative path, because it is different from server to server. if you must use relative path, use your webapp's relative path with application.getRealPath method as I suggested.

Thanks for your points and good luck :)
>> I swear that your path is pointing to the right place
i mean "NOT pointing", sorry :)

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