Power supply: very easy question

I've just got an old laptop.

The right power supply says:
16-10V DC

I've got a power supply with these info:
DC OUTPUT: 12V-24V 34W Max.
Would this power supply work?

I don't want to burn anything, so I need to be sure if it works. I've calculated the effect of the right power supply to be around 32W-35W.
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HenningwayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NO !

At least supply the right voltage! If the "12V-24V" supply doesn't have a switch to select either 12v or 24v then don't use it.

If the laptop contains the circuit for charging battery, then you could probably use any 10 to 16 volt DC supply (if you use one that can't deliver enough Amperes, the SUPPLY - not the laptop - will just break or melt, and you cannot get one that delivers to many amperes ! All in all, just aim for correct voltage and enough amps)

If circuit for charging battery is housed in the supply - then you should only use the original one - if you don't you will surely ruin the laptop, and maybe even blow up the battery.

I would guess that there is 95% chance that the circuit for charging battery is housed in the laptop - so maybe you just want to take the chance?

Good luck from me !
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