Automatic Number Identification

I have used a telephone number in the past that would tell you what the number was on the phone you were dialing from.

I have an old number that doesn't work anymore and I live in mid Arkansas/US.

Does anyone know where I can find a list of these numbers to speed up tech support. Most people don;t know what their modem phone number is and ussually don't have a phone bill around with the info.

Thanks in advance.
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vee90dotnetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a # that most telco installers use to check to make sure the line and # is setup properly.  I'd suggest you contact your local telephone company as they could have changed this.  Technically this "information number" is not to be used by the public and most local telcos have switched to begin using new numbers and disconnected the old ones.
Most telephone company has Caller ID, which tells you the telephone number of the person calling you. Call your telephone company and get this feature. You also need a telephone that can show this ID.
Or cell phones will also show this information.  (well most of them)
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cjdavis618Author Commented:
Right, I understand Caller Id. But this was a handy feature that would tell you the number of the phone you were dialing from.

In a pinch, you could tell the phone number of a client without looking for a bill if they didn't know it.

Saves the trouble of calling someone with Caller ID and having them read back the number. if the line didn't block Caller Id.
Telcos have a 800 number for use by serivce techs. If you treat one nicely, he may unofficially tell you.
Officially the number is confidential.
cjdavis618Author Commented:
Oh well. No number that I can find.

Thanks for all your help though.
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