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I have Frontpage 2002 and I am working on transfering our existing website which is all done with notepad, into a web on Frontpage.  I copy and paste an asp page into my web.  But when I go to publish it I get a message that says They will not work because the server I am publishing to does not support asp.  But it does because these asp pages all work fine.  They are on the same server.  Any ideas?
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hhammashConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The server should have IIS installed,  Frontpage Extensions installed, the extensions better be the latest ones.

Instead of copying and pasting, use the Import facility in FrontPage to your Local machine, then when the web is complete publish it to the server.

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When you say you copy & paste - are you copying / pasting a file via front page or are you opening up a new page - copying everything into HTML & then saving it with an ASP extension?

Is the server you are publishing to running UNIX / Windows?  Or if this is all local, sometimes FP thinks that some ASP pages will not work - I run into this when I am working locally.  I just choose OK to importing the ASP files & go on.  FP thinks it knows better sometimes, but it just might not.

nnaxorAuthor Commented:
This is a Windows NT machine that is the server.  On this server I open up a .asp page - copy it all, paste it into a new web in Front Page, then publish that web to a new location.
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Make sure the FP web has scripts enabled.

I'm curious as to why you've changed editors. I can understand moving to something more capable than Notepad, but why did you choose FP?
nnaxorAuthor Commented:
Where would I make sure of that at?  Does FP have to be installed on the webserver as well as my local machine?

I chose FP because that was the only option I had.  I wanted to go with the new VisualDev but my company already had FP and I just had to buy a license. :(

For me FP over notepad is due to speed.
Yes, the FP extensions MUST be on the server as well as your machine, and you need to publish to the server, not just copy the files.

I just want to point out that your ASP pages are almost certainly going to need to be edited in HTML view, not Normal view, and that you'll need to check what FP does to your code.
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