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Outlook Express - Can't cancel email that is still in

re Outlook Express (Version 5.5)

Four days ago I sent an email (with large amount of jpegs).  The email is still "sending".  

How can I STOP it from continuing trying to send, as it is obviously, TOO LARGE to go through.

Pressing STOP, only stops it momentarily - not PERMANENTLY.  It's NEVER going to go through.  What can I do get rid of it??

Nothing I do will PERMANENTLY cancel this monster from continuing to try to SEND.


I'm at my wits end!
3 Solutions
Did you try to go to your outbox & delete it once you cancel the sending? it still remains in your outbox until it is sent (then it usually goes to your sent folder) or deleted.

Have you tried deleting it from the OUTBOX folder?  If so do you get an error, or what happens?
If this message is the only thing in your Outbox, then I would delete outbox.dbx while Outlook Express (and all e-mail enabled apps) are closed.  Outlook Express will recreate outbox.dbx the next time it launches.


ps - i'm assuming you don't need the jpgs/gifs.  if you need them back, then rename outbox.dbx to outbox.bak.  There is a utility called dbxtract that can rip the message out of the renamed file as a *.eml item.
How do I delete the outbox.dbx?
You can locate the folder that has your dbx files by opening Outlook Express, clicking TOOLS->OPTIONS->MAINTENANCE TAB and clicking on the STORE FOLDER button.  Go to the location listed there to delete the OUTBOX.DBX file.  You may need to enable viewing hidden files and folders, in Explorer click TOOLS->OPTIONS->VIEW.

Alternatively, you can just search the computer for OUTBOX.DBX using START->SEARCH.  Again you may need to enable viewing hidden files and folders, and there may be more than one on your computer, so I'd normally recommend using the first option above.

If you need further assistance, you should open up a new question rather than posting into closed questions.  If you want to reference information in an old question in your new one, just copy the URL and paste it into your post.

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