How to configure IIS to return faster website response.

How to configure IIS to return faster website response.

I currently have 2 servers:
1. Firewall running NT 4 & sygate with ADSL connection to internet with fixed IP address.
2. Webserver running NT 4 with MS management console running IIS 4.

I have a number of websites that are current working fine.  Please test a couple at: and my latest one at: 

I am trying to submit my website to altavista at: but I keep getting a time out error when trying to sign up.  I have spoken with support staff and they say that my site is taking too long to respond, that's why it times out. Even though anyone can browse my site, my server is most likely trying to look up something (e.g a header or something), so it is taking to long.

I'm not an expert in IIS and have mostly used default setting when setting up my websites.  I have tried a number of things, but still don't have same problem.

Could someone please suggest a few things that I can try.

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AmericanDogmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is an excellent article on tweaking IIS

It applies to asp prodominatly but many of the tips such as turnign of session state can really save server resources.
how many sites do you have on your server? All of them are giving times outs?
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