Dynamic data display

I am making a multi user application with a central database server. i am displaying some data on a visual basic form, now if another user updates some data on the database i want the changes to immediately show on the vb form. I was trying to do this using dynamic recordset, and i see that if someone insert a new row it is reflected in the recordset but there is no event in recordset which will tell me the someone has inserted new data or changed data.

How can i know in my application that someone have inserted or updated some data in the database so that i can refresh my VB form.
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I dont think there is something as easy as an API dedicated to monitering it.
You can try a timer if you want.
navneet77Author Commented:
ya but i do not want to use timer, firstly the refresh will not be immediate and it will waste network resource.
use a 1 min. standard timer to refreshes every 60 secs.
and a refresh button.
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navneet77Author Commented:
ya but i do not want to use timer, firstly the refresh will not be immediate and it will waste network resource.
I did something like this a while ago. It may not be the best way to do it, but it got around the problem...

1. Create a new table in the database.

2. Create a small app on the server side that monitors the database. This program will be a like a server that your app must be able to communicate with.

3. When you access data from the database, insert your conenction number into the new table (you must remove it when your data form is closed).

4. Set up a trigger on the database to fire off the new app when data changes.

5. The new app then reads the new table, and sends a signal off to each of the connections.

6. In your main program, when the refresh signal is received from the server app, you refresh your data.

Like I said it isnt the prettiest way to do it, but it works.


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navneet77Author Commented:
hi redfordb

thanks for the reply.. i have some question
how will the program on the server communicate with the clients.
what do you mean by the connection number
and how will it signal off to each connection.
Look at the "Using the Winsock Control" in HELP.

Basically all you need to do is extend there example so that the server can accept multiple connections. Then when the data changes send some data to all the clients that are currently connected to the server. On the client side when the data arrives it triggers off an event. All you do is put the refresh routine in this event.

You dont even need to insert the connection number into a table. just make an array on the server side, scan through the array and sen the signal to each connection that appears in the array.
navneet77Author Commented:
Thanks for the help
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