Installing new hard drive as Master with old slave?

I have generic computer with a 20GB hard drive. I want to install a new, bigger hard drive but want to keep all of the information on the old hard drive. How do I do this? The computer is a CTX with an AMD Athalon processor and runs Windows 98. Need detailed instructions. Where to put new hard drive, what cables to connect? What do I do when the computer is started back up etc. There is a big enough space above the present hard drive to set the new in there. Be detailed with step by step instructions. I don't know much but I can follow directions. Thanks guys!!
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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Basically before you set the drive in the case, it may be easier to set the jumper settings on both hard drives before you mount any drives in.  After having selected your drives and made the jumper settings set for the master/slave configuration, then find an empty spot for your hard drive to mount.  It should mount in similar spots as the old one.  You may need to have some hard drive screws to mount it in.  Make sure the screws are not toooo long...and that they fit.  Otherwise you may cause damage to the drive.  You will then need to plug in the power connectors and also the IDE Cables to the drive.  The red line on most IDE Cables usually denote pin1.  Pin 1 on most hard drives is the pin closest to the power connector on the drive.

Were you planning to have the new one running Windows 98 on it?  Or did you plan to have the old drive continue running windows 98?  If you want the old drive to continue, I would suggest you leave it as Master and make the new one slave.  

When the computer starts back up...depending on how old this computer is would depend on if you need to go into the bios and have the Hard drive settings put in, or if your system automatically finds Hard drives?  

Here are a few sites to look at...that explain how to install computer parts such as the hard drive...etc...

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Just in case, you have to realize that many new drives come with software for transferring your data to the new drive.

Some things to be careful of.

1) If you buy a drive over 32 GB it may not be supported by your BIOS without a BIOS overlay program.
Update your BIOS to the newest version first, as this is preferable to a BIOS overlay.

2) Use the new 80 conductor IDE cable that comes with the drive, not your Old one !

I hope this helps !
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Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Also, most retail (boxed) harddrives you buy in a store like Best Buy, CompUSA, etc come with a huge installation poster that gives you details on how to do the install.  If you just got a "white box" drive (no manuals, etc) then the above links should help alot.

marni_matulAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your detailed answers and all of the links. Your information is very helpful.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Glad to have been of some help.  So did you get the drives all set up?
marni_matulAuthor Commented:
Waiting on my friend to make the purchase. I am doing this for him and wanted to post here and make sure this something I could do on my own. I will post again and let you know how it goes. Thanks....
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