How can I copy a DVD movie onto a blank DVD? I use both MAC and PC in case anybody is wondering. I have Nero 5.0 on my PC.
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I don't think Nero 5.0 can support burning from DVD to DVD. You can get a new software called DVD X Copy but it will cost you $99. For more info, go,aid,107637,00.asp .
Bear in mind, copying DVD is illegal.
Sith_LordAuthor Commented:
I'm sure it is but.........

So this software works???
Sith_LordAuthor Commented:
You know what? I forgot that my PC doesn't have a DVD-r. Only my MAC. And I don't think there is software to use for mac for this purpose. Or is there??
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Just a thought (this is a real stab in the dark), but if you can "borrow" a copy of the new version of nero (this does DVD copying. You should be able to create an image of the DVD, and then transfer this image to your mac (via USB, network, firewire, or whatever you have). then import the image into toast (or what ever program you use to burn DVD's).

I know this is a little dodgy, but I seem to rember CD.image formats being cross-platform compatible.

I'm probably talking absolute crap though

take a look at this though

good luck


This information is correct, and it is not correct.  Nero will not copy rented or store bought DVD disks, only ones it has created.  At this point the program that works the best it DVD Xcopy and even it has disclaimers about it being illegal.  The law states that you are legally allowed ONE backup copy of a DVD you OWN, but you cannot borrow or rent a disk and copy it, that would be a violation and you can be arrested.  That's not to say the DVD Xcopy wouldn't copy it, it would just be illegal.  Roxio does also copy DVD's like Nero, but it has trouble with the copyright protection just like Nero does, so it's not a good idea unless you want to waste disks.  You might get one disk out of 5 to copy properly, and at that point you might as well purchase another copy of the movie.  So, to answer your question, you can do it properly with DVD Xcopy, but not with anything else so far.  Also keep in mind that when you copy most movies, even if you remove the bonus features, you will still probably need two disks.  DVD movie disks are over 9 GB, the DVD disks you can write at this point are only 4.7 GB each.  DVD Xcopy will automatically split the disks, but it does add to the cost of making a "backup".  Hope this helps clear it up for you. -JC

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Actually, you all should check out dvdshrink   which is a) freeware. b) it works.
 Run DVDShrink. Reauthor and reencode to size to fit to dvd-r.
 burn files to dvd-r with nero.
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