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visualbasic @ win2000 Network

hi ,

i have win2000 network , and i'm the Admin .

My database file (.mdb) is in a network dir ,

if i prevent users from having access to Database Dir

their vb program that run in their workstations will fail to connect to Database ,

while if i let them have it they will be able to reach the mdb file and other important files in this dir manually ( By Windows Explorer for example ) which i want to prevent.

so the Question is how can i make the access to dbase Dir

is just throught the visualBasic Program

and not manually

whether By code or By assigning Rights.

Thanks in advance


1 Solution
Righ click on the folder name.  Select the security tab.  On the "List Folder Contents" line click the box in the "Deny" column.

This will stop explorer from getting at the file.

For a more advanced solution (which I don't think you need unless you are working in a high security operation):

However somebody could write a script to update the file if they knew how.  This would not be a normal employee but a hacker.  You can stop this by allowing your VB program to run an EXE as another user.  In order to do this the user profile "act as part of operating system" token must be set. Or the "Allow elevation or rights" token must be set.  In this way the user rights can be elevated before the task is created.  But a dedicated hacker could also create some software which could also access the file.  For a total defense solution you need to use (com+) DCOM component running on the server.  The DCOM component is set to "run as" a specifed user.  So in your code you use the CreateObject with the server name parameter.  There are some remote component deployment issues so you may need to buy the Enterprise Edition ot VB or do a lot of remote component deployment reasearch.  You will then need to change all of your application code to talk to the MDB via the server based DLL.  If you do this you will be surpised to find that the application runs way faster than direct access to the MDB.

Go for the easy option!
innerjoinAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot ,,,

i'll try that .

beside my system is not meant to be of tight security .

it is enough for me to stop users Windows Explorer from

accessing my network Database Folder

and make their only way of access is through their Vb application at their workstations.
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