What is needed to run a VB app???

If I have a VB app that connects to an access database, what is needed on the end users PC to run the app?  Do you have to have access installed as well VB, either, or neither????  I can compile it as an executable and send them both the app and the database, but I need to know what is required for them to run it.  

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They prolly should have the VB Runtime Package installed, but they dont need access.
they won't need anything to run it once it is an exe.  As long as they have the correct database, and it's in the right file location.
Jacamar is not completely correct.  As far as Access, they DO NOT need Access installed on each PC, however, to run a VB exe, there are SEVERAL files (DLLs) the MUST be installd, on each PC, in order for the VB-created EXE to be able ro run.  These are all installed by creating an Installation 'SETUP' program - either with the Packaging and Distribution Wizard that is part of your VB installtion (on the PC where the App was developed), or with one of several other comercially available Packaging tools - such as InstallShield, or Wise Installer.


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Don't know if this will work or not but here is a dependency walker.


jddeanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies.....

In reply to "Arthur Wood" - I see where you are going, but how do I launch the Packaging and Distribution Wizard?  I read about it in the help files and it seems to be exactly what I need.... It just never says how to start!!

Thanks Again
The Package and Deployment wizard comes with MS Visual Basic for the specific purpose of creating a setup program for your application. You should be able to find it under the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Tools on your Start Menu. The instructions are very simple to follow. Personal, I prefer openning my VB project in VB and run the Package and Deployment Wizard from the Add-In menu of Visual Basic.
IMHO you need only to include the .dll's which are referenced in "VB / Project / References ...". Access shouldn't be needed.
You need two things:
2) msvbvm.dll (this is VB .dll, WARNING:you need the version from your machine if you`ve installed any ServicePack

You'll need these packages:

- mdac_typ.exe: that contains the drivers (ADO or DAO) that you need to run your application. You can download this from:

- jet engine that contains the engine that is needed to read an Access database. This was included inside MDAC once, but now you'll have to distribute it as a new part

- your application. For this part, run the Package and Deployment wizard, that will find all the required DLLs and OCXs for you. Then, run the setup.exe on the installation PC

You will *not* need neither VB nor Access.


You can compile your .exe with the runtime libraries hard coded in... Makes for very large exe but then only one file is needed.
If you have Visual Studio 6 installed, click on the Start button on the Task bar, the  programs/Visual Studio 6/Visual Studio 6 Tools/  to locate the PDW (Package and Deployment Wizard)

alternatively, you should also find it using the Add-Ins Menu item within the VB 6 IDE, then click on Add-In Manager and you should be able then load the PDW into your IDE.

jddeanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answers, I was able to get Arthur Wood’s comment to work fine and he gave a good explanation of what the wizard was doing.... thanks all !!!
so why only a B???
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