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Want to implement a very basic RTP stream in PHP:

The RTP information for the stream:

    * The codec specifies G.711 mu-Law.
    * The packet size specifies 20 ms.

Basically, i would have a wav or au file in the above codec, i want to make php send this info as an rtp stream to a specific IP (which is set to recieve) on port 20002

I'm thinking something like:

header("Content-type: audio/mp3\n");
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=".$file."\n");
header("Content-length: ".filesize($filename)."\n");
$fp = fopen($filename, 'rb');
while(!feof($fp)) {
  print fread($fp, 4096); }

Where audio/mp3 would be replaced with something more appropriate and i would call the script like rtsp://domain/test.php.

I have no idea where to start or if RTSP even accepts headers, or how to make php broadcast on port 20002.

Any reasonable insight would be rewarded.
1 Solution
to send data on port 20002, it's easy : fsockopen()
the correct MIME-Type has indeed to be specified
The rest should work.
You can also turn magic_quoting off while reading the binary raw data :   set_magic_quotes_runtime(0);

I would also suggets reading all the raw data, not as a text file with buffer of length 4096, but in a big block of data with file()
Then send it via fopen(specificIP:20002), fput or fputs, fclose()
conner_bwAuthor Commented:
This is much harder than i had orriginally anticipated. The answer was a good starting point, but does not help me make my own PHP RTSP "server"

For followups, anyone know of a PHP RSTP (RTP) server solution? All i can find are C and Java ones.

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